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Metaparadigm of Nursing: The Art and Science of the Nursing Dimension (Essay Sample)

Australian English please Attached is the question and the criteria sheet. please strongly consider it. I have also attached an example of other student, you can use it as indication, but, my essay MUST not me the same as the other student. you can use the paper as an idea or the structure. BOOK, and JOURNAL ARTICLE are prefered for the resources. all resources must be current, last 5 years kind regards Mushari NSB018, Semester 2, 2013: Assessment Assessment 1: Introduction to the profession of nursing There are four dimensions which relate to the metaparadigm of nursing: person, health, environment and nursing (Broadbent cited in Berman et al., 2012). For this assessment item choose ONE of these dimensions and discuss why the dimension you chose is central to how you view the profession of nursing. Part 1 - Using literature to support your discussion, provide a reason(s) why this particular dimension is of importance to yourself, the profession of nursing and to patients (500 words). This is to be written in first person only. Part 2 - State how this dimension might impact upon your future patient interactions and your professional attitudes. You should identify specific ANMAC National Competency Standard(s) for the Registered Nurse to link which professional attributes nurses are required to uphold. No more than three competencies [these can include standards and sub-standards] should be provided (500 words). This is to be written in third person only. Due Date: August 30th, 2013 (prior to closure of Assignment Minder). Length: 1000 words (+ 100 words) Marking Criteria: as per ‘Assessment 1' criterion-referenced assessment (CRA) sheet. Weighting: 30% of your final grade. Unit Learning Objectives: 1, 2 and3. Some points to consider: - Review the marking criteria on the CRA. Consider that your paper's grade will be derived from criteria outlined in the CRA and thus clear explanations of the expectations for varying grades are provided for both your direction and the assessment of your paper. - You will need a minimum of ten (10) references – the quality of your references is what is important rather than the volume of references (use references that are from contemporary, valid (do not use websites that end in “” as academic sources; journal articles should be less than five years old). - A full reference list is required at the end of the assignment. For further information on referencing at QUT, refer to QUT Cite/Write via http://www(dot)citewrite(dot)qut(dot)edu(dot)au . Referencing style is an important academic skill and should adhere exactly to Cite Write – QUT APA. - Words in excess of 1,100 words will not be read and thus not contribute to your grade. - Do not discuss the ANMAC National Competency Standard(s) for the Registered Nurse but rather how they link your dimension back to potential patient interactions. - A fully completed with CORRECT information and signed assignment cover sheet must be attached. Cover sheet, essay and reference page must be stapled together in the left hand corner of the page. - The cover sheet should include your name, student number, the unit code, the assessment item number and word count. - Each page of your assignment should have a header or footer with your student name, student number and page number. - A CRA marking sheet must also be included with your assignment - All questions should be attempted in formal, third person language except when referring to part 1 where you are referring to the importance of the chosen dimension to yourself. - Line spacing: at least 1.5; Font size: 12; Font type: Arial. - Work is submitted through assignment minder in a cardboard envelope with assignment minder cover page stapled to the front of the cardboard envelope.DO NOT STAPLE THE ASSIGNMENT MINDER COVER PAGE THROUGH YOUR ESSAY. source..

The Metaparadigm of Nursing: The Art and Science of the Nursing Dimension
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Word Count: 1060 Words.
Part One
The metaparadigm of nursing identifies four key dimensions that guide the care giving practices in nursing; health, person, environment, and nursing (Fulton & Lyon, 2010, p.30). Of the four concepts, I single out nursing as the most central dimension for the nursing profession.
In the healthcare setting, nursing is viewed as an art and science. The two concepts encompass the use personal skills, intuition and creativity, as well as theory and evidence-based approaches in providing care to patients (Tayray, 2009, p. 416). As a nursing professional, I value the two-dimensional concept of nursing because it reflects a holistic understanding of nursing (Jones, 2010, p. 186). The concept of nursing emphasizes the importance of knowledge, research, evidence-based practices and excellence in service provision.
Personally, the dimension is important to me as it provides a basis for acquiring the relevant skills, knowledge, and theoretical concepts that I will apply in my future practice as a registered nurse. By focusing on evidence-based practice and research, I’m able to learn best nursing practices that will improve outcomes for my patients (Masters, 2011, p. 48). At the same time, the dimension of nursing is important to the nursing profession as it helps establish universal standards and codes of conduct for nurses and other healthcare givers, such as relating with others in a professional manner (Christina & Blegen, 2012, p. 3).
Nursing as an art recognizes the importance of applying individual skills in delivering services to patients. As a nurse, understanding nursing as an art equips me with the necessary skills and competencies that I will need to be effective in handling patients with different health problems in various settings (Queensland Nursing Council, 2010, p. 2). In this regard, the nursing dimension will benefit me by making me an all-round nurse capable of applying theory in patient care situations and drawing from personal skills and intuition to make correct decisions. Moreover, it will improve my autonomy by encouraging me to make decisions informed by experience, learned skills and acquired knowledge, as well as drawing from theory and evidence-based practices to improve outcomes in patients.
In addition, the concept is important to the nursing profession as it helps produce humane caregivers. Considering that nursing is a service profession whose goal is to improve the quality of human life, the art of nursing encourages patient-centered treatment and interventions, which improves the overall quality of service provision. This is important to patients because it promises better and quality healthcare, and to the profession of nursing as it helps set high standards for nurses. Consequently, I view the nursing metaparadigm an important asp...
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