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Improving Mental Health In Low-Income Men (Essay Sample)


Assignment Objective
Find an operational challenge that would benefit from having a project deployed, and build a complete project charter. The charter should be a minimum of 2 pages. This is where you will begin to develop your final project for this course. Individual assignment.
Assignment Resources
Review Chapters 4-5 in your textbook and review the additional resources provided in the Week 2 Module to prepare for this assignment.
Project Selection and the Charter
The Multispecialty Clinic Project Charter Example
Additional Guidance
There are key points that must be completed and skills needed during the project:
Team Skills
Weekly staff meeting
Operations—Balanced Scorecard and other metrics
Projects—progress and problem solving
Getting things done
Clear accountability
Adequate resources
Documentation of meetings, activities, action items, metrics, etc…
Team Structure and Authority
It is important to have the right team members that will help move the project forward. There will need to be accountability and documentation of roles and responsibilities. Like anything, everybody has to do their part to complete the task at hand. Unfortunately, one underperformer can derail your whole project. In order to ensure everybody understands the scope, having a project charter is key, you will lay out ground rules, expectations and then all the details surrounding the project. This is the time you will also lay out the time commitment, as it relates to meeting times and work that will need to be completed. Having deadlines is important, sticking to them is even more important.
We are very good at putting together robust documents with great ideas, but forget to assign responsible parties and deadlines for deliverables. Without these items, the plan is nothing but words on a piece of paper.
Project management is a key tool that is used to enhance operations, as it helps you review processes and find the way to be effective and efficient with the resources you have, and helps you find ways to be innovative to re-engineer your work.


Improving Mental Health in Low-Income Men
Author Name
Institution Name
Poverty is a major and common experience for many men, women, and children in the United States. Living in a low-income household has been directly linked to risks for mental disorders and heart attack. Despite their need for healthcare services, poor men avoid visiting qualified and experienced doctors due to financial problems. In such circumstances, pediatric primary care providers can come forward and address the issues on a large scale. It's safe to say that America is the most developed and powerful country in the world and the government is responsible for providing primary medical facilities to every citizen. We have observed that there is an insufficient number of hospitals for the poor and they are often forced to consult a private doctor. It's clear that most of the policies in place have failed to capture the main elements of mental health among men (Ruggiero, 2015).
The hospitals in the United States do not offer adequate cover for mental conditions suffered by low-income men and women. In this project, we will concentrate on the current hospital policies, provide grants to the poor, and give suggestions on how to improve the overall healthcare system. Living in a low-income or poor household is a common occurrence that many people experience over the course of their lives. Initially, our focus is on a few hospitals only, but we aim to cover a large number of hospitals in the United States in the coming months. We will make sure that low-income men struggling with mental disorders get financial assistance for proper treatment and easy access to relevant medicines (Conrad, & White, 2016).
As we are going to cover a number of hospitals, this project is estimated to take up to two years. We will get the stakeholders and NGOs involved in the next step, and new policies will be implemented as soon as possible. Given the human welfare organizations and sponsors involved, we will target a large number of clinics too and implement innovative strategies to ensure human health.
* To provide families with all n

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