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Mental Health in America Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


After deciding on the topic for your researched argumentative essay, locate at least three credible sources Take notes on your sources, following the methods outlined in the Week 3 lecture about note-taking. For each source, note the main idea, evaluate the credibility of the author, and consider how the text relates to your topic. Remember to create your references as you search for use in the bibliography and locating the articles again when you begin writing the essay.


  1. Draft a references page in APA format.
  2. Include at least three sources.
  3. After each reference entry, provide a paragraph about the source, including the following:
  • Summarize relevant information from the source.
  • Evaluate the credibility of the author.
  • Explain how the source relates to the position you plan to argue in your research paper.


My Topic is Mental Health in America focus solely on the effects of suicide and bipolar disorder.


Mental Health in America
Mental Health in America
Song, J., Sjцlander, A., Joas, E., Bergen, S. E., Runeson, B., Larsson, H., ... & Lichtenstein, P. (2017). Suicidal behavior during lithium and valproate treatment: a within-individual 8-year prospective study of 50,000 patients with bipolar disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry, 174(8), 795-802.
The study focuses on the link between lithium and valproate and their antisuicidal impact when treating bipolar disorders. Patients who have bipolar disorder tend to have a higher chance of committing suicide. However, lithium should be included in the treatment regime since it leads to a reduction in the risk of suicide. However, valproates do not have a protective impact on suicide-related occurrences. All the authors of the study have PhDs., so the outcomes of the study are reliable and valid. Most of the authors are from the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics and the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden. The source will help determine medications that can be used to reduce the risk of suicide among bipolar patients. Lithium is a good intervention, especially for patients who are suspected of having suicidal intentions.
Becker, S. P., Holdaway, A. S., & Luebbe, A. M. (2018). Suicidal behaviors i

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