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Mental health care policy (Essay Sample)

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Mental health care policy Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Part A The mental health policy chosen for this paper is the Healthy Minds, Healthy people: A Ten-Year Plan to Address Mental Health and Substance Use in British Columbia, Canada. Mental health is a significant complementary to physical health and thus issues emanating from mental health are critical to the well-being of individuals and the society. The World Health Organization defines mental health as the state of well-being where an individual is able to recognize their capabilities; works productively, can work in a productive nature, and is able to contribute to their community (Weinerman & Hollander, 2011). The condition of an individual’s mental health can thus be either good or poor. The presence of good mental health signifies the absence of any mental illnesses and thus an individual can focus in utilizing their capabilities for the general good. Mental illness is a major problem that affects individuals from all aspects of life and is not related to a particular group of people. The costs associated with mental health care and its ignorance in the society is considerable to B.C. Canada. The Province has over the years instituted several raft measures to tackle the challenge posed by mental health and related illnesses. The policy Healthy Minds, Healthy People is a good example of the commitment by the Province to tackle the mental health menace. The policy was instituted in 2010 to serve the next decade in numerous ways. The policy is aimed at transforming the approach of the Province about substance abuse and mental health. Substance abuse has been incorporated in the program as one of the key contributors to mental illnesses and thus the effects of substance abuse have to be addressed hand-in-hand with issues of mental health (MacCourt & Donnelly, 2012). Mental health as earlier addressed encompasses much more than mental illness and the two are distinct from each other hence the need to emphasize on positive mental health is the basis of this policy. The policy contains a number of milestones and goals to be covered by the Province and its partners over the decade concerning mental health (Weinerman & Hollander, 2011). The policy tackles five key areas which include the prevention of mental illness and substance use related problems, early and timely intervention, reinvestment in working solutions, achieving appropriate treatment, and health promotion to build capacity and strengthen resilience. The policy proposes the use of funds o already proven approaches that have open records of accomplishment. The plan incorporates the whole population of B.C. Canada province (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2012). The policy plan targets not only those with severe mental health issues, but also to assist those with minor problems, and the prevention of such problems before they start. The use of resources in particular endeavors will assist the government and its partn...
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