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Medical administrative assisting. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


As a Medical Administrative Assistant you are the face of the organization. When patients/clients arrive they speak to you first. How you respond to them sets the tone for their feelings about the entire organization.
Relate the importance of interpersonal skills when interacting with patients.
Include the following aspects in the discussion:
• Express the top three skills you feel are needed to be successful in a multi role position.
• Discuss with peers if you agree or disagree with the top three skills they listed.
• Share a time you did not have a good experience with a health care worker.
• Reflect on how, with what you have learned, you will act once roles are reversed.


Medical Administrative Assisting
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Medical Administrative Assisting
Good communication is an important skill when in a multi role position. Good communication allows one to exchange messages clearly, listen to others, and accurately present ideas. In a medical assistant role, one needs good communication to articulate instructions to patients, other staff, and medical professionals (, 2020). Flexibility is another skill required in a multi role position. Given that unexpected issues crop up in health care, one needs to adjust quickly. Also, the wide range of responsibilities such as greeting patients, directing them, answering calls, emails, and paperwork requires an individual who is flexible. Finally, teamwork is an important skill (, 2020). Since one is

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