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Measles Immunization and Eradication (Essay Sample)


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As noted in the textbook, “measles is one of the most contagious human infections,” (Levine, 2007, p. 127). Many children still die from this preventable infectious disease. Vaccinations have been developed that can greatly reduce the spread and threat of many infectious diseases such as measles. To prepare for this Discussion, review the readings and media presentation for this week. In particular, review Case 17: "Eliminating Measles in Southern Africa" in the textbook, Case Studies in Global Health: Millions Saved. With these thoughts in mind, respond to the following:
1-What measles immunization priorities should be considered in conflict and humanitarian emergency situations and how does this differ from normal situations?
2-When responding to a threat such as the measles outbreak, what do you see is the primary role, or roles, of the BSN nurse in interagency coordination and collaboration?
Additional references
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (2009). Developing healthy people 2020 - Global health. Retrieved January 8, 2010, from:http://healthypeople(dot)gov/2020/
This website offers proposals from various health-related organizations for progression toward global health through the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.


Measles Immunization and Eradication
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Measles is a great killer contagious infection affecting humans and is ranked among the leading four childhood killers across the world. In spite of the existence of efficient and safe vaccine, an approximate of 32 to 41 million cases of the ailment and some 500,000 deaths happened annually (U.S. Department of Health And Human Services, 2009). Half of such deaths have been reported in sub-Saharan Africa, where measles continues to kill more children than the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Annually, the seven countries forming southern Africa experienced 60,500 measles cases and 170 measles deaths. The prevalence of measles in southern African can be eliminated by setting relevant strategies. These consist of measles immunization priorities that need to be put into consideration of humanitarian and conflict emergency situations. According to Levine (2007), these priorities include emphasizing routine immunization for infants at nine months; developing nationwide catch-up campaign to offer another opportunit...
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