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Maternal Infant Health Issue (Essay Sample)


The topic can be either 1. Single, pregnant women or 2. Pregnant women/families who are newcomers to Canada.
No need for the front page. 7 pages,APA format. In my last assignment with you guys reference was not included in lot of places. So lost mark there. Please be sure about that this time. 
Analysis of Maternal-Infant Health Issue 
The social determinants of health are conditions under which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. These conditions are shaped by the distribution of money, power, and resources at all levels. For the childbearing family these social determinants can have profound effects. 
For this assignment you are advocating for the development of a program that addresses one of these determinants of health for a specific population or group that is found in your province. The group is one that typically faces numerous challenges during the childbearing years. 
Provide a statement about the issues related to the particular group, incorporate theoretical perspectives, statistical evidence for your province if available, and some analysis of the literature with findings to support or refute your statement. 
You are trying to convince leaders within a health organization that this program is needed. Briefly describe the type of program (e.g., educational, support, other). You don’t need to describe HOW you would implement the program, or the specific details (e.g., an evening class). Discuss what health promotion activities currently in place (if any) help address the issue, and how this program would help.


Maternal Infant Health Issue: Insufficient Accessibility to Maternal Health Services among Single Pregnant Women in Nova-Scotia
Insufficient Accessibility to Maternal Health Services among Single Pregnant Women in Nova-Scotia
The well-being of both mothers and children is one of the objectives all public health institutions strive to achieve. Their well-being determines the health of the nation's next generation. Maternal infant health addresses various health issues including health behaviors, health systems, and the indicators affecting the health and wellness, quality of life of women and children and their families (United Nations Development Programme, 2011). In Nova-Scotia, a majority of single pregnant women have a major issue of inaccessibility to maternal health services, owing to various social determinants affecting them. There is need to develop appropriate programs that would help reduce the severity of the problems facing the women in the region.
Overview of Maternal Infant Health
Mothers’ well- being check begins before conception and pertains to good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and continues to the prenatal care by preventing problems arising during pregnancy. An ideal result in this process is to realize a full term pregnancy especially for single pregnant women without several interventions to deliver a healthy baby. During the postpartum period, a positive environment is important to support both the physical and emotional needs of the single mothers, the baby and other family members. Maternal health main focus begins from pregnancy to childbirth (United Nations Development Programme, 2011).
All pregnant women including single women should receive the required care at all the stages of the maternal process to have higher chances of safe delivery. Various strategies have been put in place for women to access maternal health services. Several issues still hinder single pregnant women from accessing these important services placing them at risk. Pregnancy and childbirth impact greatly on the emotional physical, mental and the socio-economic health of single women. Pregnancy –related health outcomes are determined by issues of race, ethnicity, age and income (United Nations Development Programme, 2011).
Social Determinant of Health among Single Pregnant Women in Nova Scotia
According to the World Health Organization, social determinants of health are indicators of improved health (United Nations Development Programme, 2011). Theoretically, social determinants of health are the social structures, mechanisms of resource redistribution, education, the basic condition of life and work, the existence of social support networks, the support network availability, and accessibility to health services. It is assumed that during the early infancy stages, physical, social and the cognitive development of single pregnant women relates to their psychological and economic environment leading to positive health outcomes (Smith, Gullette, & Schnepf, 2005).
However, Nova-Scotia has seen the largest increase in maternal death at approximately 5.9 maternal deaths per100, 000 deliveries from 2009 to 2010 (Lisonkova et al., 2011). This is a surprising scenario given the fact that there is an array of innovative medical technologies. Women still die from post partum hemorrhage in Nova-Scotia more than women in other countries. In the region, postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal deaths among single women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hemorrhage, hypertension, infection obstructed labor and unsafe abortion are the common health complications that places women at risk of maternal death (Lisonkova et al., 2011).
The CDC study findings indicate that a woman’s age, the number of c...
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