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Role of Government in Long-term Health Care Delivery


Module 5: Critical thinking
Role of Government in Long-term Health Care Delivery (70 Points)
Write a historical overview summarizing the government's role in healthcare delivery in the U.S. Your summary should include elements of the government's past involvement and should also comment on the current political environment. Based on your research, what do you believe the future role of government will be in the delivery of health care?
Use the CSU-Global Virtual Library for source(s) of information that are credible, reliable, and scholarly. Locate these three resources outside the course and textbook. Cite and discuss these resources in your essay.
Your paper should be 2-4 pages in length and formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.


Role of Government in Long-Term Healthcare Delivery
Student’s Name
Role of Government in Long-Term Healthcare Delivery
The U.S. government plays a significant role in the delivery of healthcare for its citizens. The local, state, and the federal governments, all contribute immensely to the health care delivery through the provision of a range of funding and regulatory mechanisms. In the course of U.S. history, different regimes have come up with different programs to provide healthcare access to the elderly, the poor, the disabled, military personnel, and the general population. The federal government establishes the budget for the healthcare and develops the standards for eligible providers. The state level is tasked with the funding and regulatory mechanisms, but it has to ensure the provision of programs as dictated by the federal government. Finally, the local governments implement the programs as dictated by the state and the federal governments. As seen, the political regime has a role to play in the delivery of healthcare in the country.
There have been a number of reform attempts in healthcare by former regimes. A firm major reform attempt in health care was by President Harry S. Truman. There was little attempt by his predecessor President Roosevelt, and Truman had the opportunity to pursue healthcare reforms for the country. Truman’s proposal was a universal coverage of health insurance, which was to be paid and run by the...
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