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Lobar Pneumonia (Essay Sample)


Joe is a 32-year-old with left lower lobe pneumonia. He tells you that all he feels like doing is lying in bed. How would this influence pulmonary blood flow and ventilation?



Write your posting in one paragraph (Paragraphs will be 4 to 7 sentences in length. Sentences are complete, well sequenced, communicate ideas well, are grammatically appropriate, and free of spelling errors)


Lobar Pneumonia
Lobar pneumonia is one of the forms of pneumonia and affects the supply of the blood and the ventilation. Patient will experience sharp chest pains, bloody coughs, short breath and chills. Commonly caused by the existence of bacteria in the lungs, lobar pneumonia takes the form of systemic infections. It may actually also affect other organs such as the kidneys in instances that are quite serious that the lungs themselves (, 2015).
There is a risk that Joe will suffer hypoxemia as there is inadequate ventilation of the well-perfused areas of the lungs characterized with low ventilation-perfusion (V/Q). The condition worsens when lying on the bed while one is an upright position, and gravity acts on the lungs and diaphragm. Since Joe is lying in bed for long periods of time, and there is impairment of the perfusion. Subsequently, changes in ventilation and perfusion result in V/Q mismatch, which then increases the risk of hypoxemia (low blood...
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