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Literature Review (Nurse Staffing Problems) (Essay Sample)


This is a literature review as a part of my Capstone. It is supposed to utilize my PICOT statement and my literature evaluation table which I will include with this. Please call with any questions. There is a rubric which I can also copy and paste if needed, please let me know.
This is the instructions for the literature review:
For this week, you are writing your literature reviews. In this paper, you will review all 8 sources that you used in your literature table. You need to address each point for each source. This is super important because you will re-submit this literature review with your final paper. I will be taking 2 extra points off per source not included in your literature review.
This is the requirements for this assignment :
A literature review analyzes how current research supports the PICOT, as well as identifies what is known and what is not known in the evidence. Students will use the information from the earlier PICOT Statement Paper and Literature Evaluation Table assignments to develop a 750-1,000 word review that includes the following sections:
1.Title page
2.Introduction section
3.A comparison of research questions
4.A comparison of sample populations
5.A comparison of the limitations of the study
6.A conclusion section, incorporating recommendations for further research


Literature Review (Nurse Staffing Problems)
Literature Review (Nurse Staffing Problems)
Understaffing of nurses is a serious problem in several hospitals. The problem has a direct effect on patients' safety, care, and outcome. Nurses who are less satisfied with their working conditions are less engaged in their work resulting into lower output to patients. Understaffing of nurses results in inadequate services to patients because the few available nurses are overworked. As a result, there will be increased rate of falling among patients causing injuries, increased rate of infection, and rise in pressure ulcers. Therefore, the work covers a research on the issue and recommendation on how it can be mitigated.
Comparison of research Questions
Cho et al. (2017) performed a research to determine the relationship between patients' experience, nurse staffing, and the mediating impacts of missed nurse care. The research question was to evaluate the relationship between patients' experience, nurse staffing, and the mediating impacts of missed nurse care. Another study conducted by Hockenberry & Becker, 2016) evaluates how hospital nurse staffing techniques affect patient satisfaction. The research question for the study was to determine if hospitals with higher levels of RNs per bed have higher average patient satisfaction. Also, Jianghua et al. (2016) conducted a longitudinal study on trend and seasonality on nurse staffing and patient outcome. The research question for the study was to determine whether nurse staffing affect patient outcome. Similarly, Hongsoo et al. (2009) conducted a research on registered nurse staffing mix and quality of care in nursing home. The study question aimed at examining the relationship of RN staff mix to quality of nursing home care using a current 5-year panel data from California nursing homes.
To add, Jeannette et al. (2013) did a study on nurse staffing and NICU infection rates. The research question for the study was to determine the adequacy of NICU nurse staffing in the US using national guidelines and evaluating its association. All the same, Catharina, Elke, and Hester (2015) conducted a qualitative study on nurses' perception of nurse staffing. The research question for the study was to evaluate how nurses in Netherlands perceive the recent level of nurse staffing in hospitals. Also, Hill and Barry (n.d) conducted a study on how the level of nurse staffing impact patient mortality in acute secondary care. Finally, Konetzka (n.d) did a research on the relationship of nursing staffing outcome in nursing homes. The study question for the research was to evaluate longitudinally whether a change in RN staffing and skill mix results into a change in nursing home resident outcomes.
Comparison of Sample Populations
Cho et al. (2017) used a sample of 208 patients and 362 nurses from 23 nursing units of 6 hospitals in South Korea. While Hockenberry & Becker, 2016) used three period (2009 to 2011) of 311 California hospital patients satisfaction information that was linked to data on the productive workers hours of RNs, nurse's aides, licensed vocational nurses, and contact of nurses. However, Jianghua et al. (2016) based its study on 2004 to 2012 data derived from NDNQI. The hospitals that were member

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