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Letter to the commissioner of health (Essay Sample)

The purpose of this assignment is to gain inside into health issues in the neighborhood. For this assignment please use the NYC Department of health\'s community health profiles. A direct link is http://www(dot)nyc(dot)gov/html/doh/html/data/data.shtml Go to above website. Then click onto NYC Department of Health Community Profile. Then to find profile click Qeens - Jamaica then press full PDF and it should pop up. For Addressed to Thomas A. Farley, Commissioner, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. - In the opening paragraph introduce yourself, your major- physical therapy asistant, and briefly describe this assignment. - Briefly describe the demographics of Jamaica in one paragraph. - Review your Community Health Profile and pick ONE goal in which jamaica is doing worse compared to borough and NYC overall. Briefly summarize the information from the tables and figures in one paragraph. - In separate paragraphs suggest a primary, secondary and tertiary intervention for this health issue (3 total suggestions) - Don't focus on “what” to do, focus on “how to get it done.” - should be at least 2.5- 3 pages, double-spaced The only sources is the community health profile.http://www(dot)nyc(dot)gov/html/doh/html/data/data.shtml source..

Letter to the commissioner of health
Student’s name
To Thomas A. Farley- commissioner, Department of health and mental hygiene,
My name is Assunta Jessica and I am a therapy assistant who is trained in health issues. Am highly amazed by the poor state of health affairs in Jamaica and this is why I have decided to take this chance to explore and know how we can improve the health status of residents of Jamaica before it is too late. This assignment will entail assessing the population of Jamaica and enquire more about their health and know the major causes of heart diseases and finally try to come up with a strategy to eliminate and curb these health issues.
The demographics of Jamaica
By the year 2000, the population of Jamaica had reached 285,600 and the majority lies in the 25-44 years bracket. The percentage of people who are living below the poverty line is lower than in New York City. Just like in Queens and New York City overall, many individuals in Jamaica above 25 years have attained tertiary education. The highest percentage have attained high school diploma. However, the percentage of residents of Jamaica who are born outside the United States of America is 36%. When compared to queens and New York City, Jamaica has the largest number of black residents (, 2011).
My community health profile
Jamaica is one of the states in America which is experiencing a lot of health problems. Very few get their yearly flu shot and also many mothers fails to get timely prenatal care and hence babies are born underweight. In addition, many citizens are dying of diabetes. Unfortunately many diabetes patients avoid going to hospital. I believe it is only through intervention of the government, individuals, health care providers and non governmental organizations that a change can be seen. A majority of Jamaica residents have poor or fair state of health. Chronic diseases e.g. heart disease are the major causes of premature deaths in Jamaica.
In Jamaica, the goal of keeping heart healthy is worse compared to other states. The rate of hospitalization due to heart disease is on the rise. High blood pressure and cho...
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