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Letter Of Inquiry: The Lincoln Medical Center (Essay Sample)



A letter of inquiry typically has the following components:

1. Introduction
Introduce your organization. How long has it been active? Where does it operate? What does it do? How many people does it serve in how large an area?

2. Explain the connection
Mention how you heard of the grant making organization, and why you think your organization's funding needs would be a match for the grant maker's grant program.

3. Build credibility
If everything goes right, you will be invited to submit a grant proposal. In order to get to this step, however, you have to demonstrate that your organization is credible and productive. To this end, summarize recent accomplishments that relate to the funding agency's goals and list any accolades your organization has received.

4. Briefly describe the proposed project and related need
What need will the project address? Back up your assertions with data. Then, explain how the funding will be used. Be clear, but concise. Provide overviews rather than details. This is not the place to get into the nitty-gritty details of project implementation, but rather to share your overall vision with a potential funder.

5. Request their consideration
Express your organization's interest in submitting a full proposal for the grant maker to consider. (Note: you are not requesting a grant at this stage, but rather, the opportunity to request a grant by submitting a grant proposal. You are asking for their consideration, not a check.)

6. Conclusion
Provide contact information, thank them for their time, and make sure they know you are available to talk to them.
The ideal length for a letter of inquiry is debatable, but we typically suggest 2 to 3 pages. Print the letter on your organization’s letterhead, and have your Executive Director (or a similar role) sign it.


Letter of Inquiry
Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
Letter of Inquiry
Organization: The Rockefeller Foundation
State: New York, NY.
The Lincoln Medical Center (LMC) is a 230-bed community based hospital in Los Angeles, Texas. It is one of Los Angeles' busiest healthcare institutions. Established in 1980 with a mission of serving all, LMC is well known and respected healthcare facility in Los Angeles because of the high quality health care services it provides to the public regardless of the patients' statuses. LMC places special emphasis on improving the health statuses of the patients both in intensive care units and outpatients. LMC accommodates 45 patients in its intensive care units, the outpatient center which is concerned with primary health care services and special care. 70% of patients admitted to our intensive care facilities are of minority background which reflects the community we are serving. LMC staff is diverse and undergoes cultural awareness training. The staff takes into consideration of the multicultural patient and ensures that all patients receive the same high level of care regardless of their background. LMC is also concerned with community outreach and training programs offered at the institution.
Throughout the years we have been collaborating to empower the community on various health care issues. In 2010, we collaborated to empower our community on basic healthcare issues such as pneumonia and diarrhea which poses as threats t

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