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Legislative Assignment. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Below you will find detailed instructions on how to complete each part of the assignment. Also the sate that I live in is Rhode Island and the city that I live in is East Providence

Deliverable 1: Legislator Analysis

In this part of the assignment, you are being asked to learn a bit about your local legislators (senator and representative), look at a specific piece of legislation (bill) that one of your legislators as sponsored or co-sponsored that has health and/or safety implications, and evaluate the priorities of that one legislator as far as health issues are concerned.

Please use the italicized section headings provided here when writing your 2-3page analysis.

Background and Context

In this section, for each of the individuals you are writing about (i.e. your representative and your senator) you should include the following information:
Sources: http://www(dot)rilin(dot)state(dot)ri(dot)us and http://www(dot)sec(dot)state(dot)ri(dot)us

Identify the names of your RI General Assembly Members (Rep and Senator)
Describe briefly their biography, legislative priorities and committee assignments

Analysis of Health Implications of Single Bill

In this section, you are to conduct a close analysis of one bill you have chosen from either your representative or senator that has implications for health and safety. How should you do this? Please use the following to help organize your analysis:

What do you see as the health and/or safety implications of this bill?
Provide and cite research findings or reliable data to support analysis

Evaluation of Legislator’s Health Priorities

In this section, you will need to evaluate the extent to which the legislator whose bill you analyzed in the section above is committed to health issues. How should you do this? Again, please answer the following questions in your evaluation:

How does your legislator value health issues compare to other legislative priorities?
From the perspective of a constituent and a nurse what is your opinion and/or degree of satisfaction regarding this legislator’s priorities?

Deliverable 2: Legislator Correspondence

In this part of the assignment, you are being asked to draw on what you learned in the first part and operationalize it by writing to your legislator to share your thoughts on the bill you looked at closely in analysis.
Draft an email message or letter to include the following:

Your clearly stated position about the health issue
A statement about how the issue affects nursing students and/or clients, followed by a short story or personal example that shows the effects
Research findings or data from a reliable source that supports your position
A question that requires a response from the legislator
A professional closing that respectfully thanks the legislator for his/her efforts on behalf of the student and other constituents


In your appendix, please include the following documents:

Biographies from website for your Representative and Senator
List of the Rep/Senator’s sponsored/co-sponsored bills from the most recent legislative session, highlight, in particular bills related to health and safety
Copy of the bill that you have chosen for your analysis


* Legislator Analysis
1 Background and Context
The members of the Rhode Island State General Assembly selected for this assignment are Representative James Shekarchi and Senator William Conley Jr. Joseph Shekarchi was born on May 17, 1962. He was educated in government and earned his Bachelor's degree from Suffolk University before earning his Juror's Degree from the Suffolk University Law School. He is a member of the Democratic Party and has been representative of Rhode Island since January 1, 2013, after serving the residents of District 23 ever since his first election in November 2012 (Representative K. Joseph Shekarchi, 2020). One of his legislative priorities was aired by the GoLocal News Editor, Kate Nagle, in 2019, where Shekarchi said that he wanted to introduce Blockchain technology and tax code legislation of the people of Rhode Island. He has had numerous committee assignments and has been the sponsor and co-sponsor of several bills, including Acts Relating to Food and Drugs and Relating to Solemnization of Marriages.

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