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Medical Records, Patient Consent, And Information Management: Legal Aspect Of Healthcare (Essay Sample)


As your fourth assignment toward completion of the Session Long Project, you will need to discuss the fragile balance between the need for public health agencies to acquire data and the demand for security of sensitive information. Review the article Ethics in Public Health Research.
As public health director in a small county, you must maintain records that track diabetes rates, the incidence of HIV, and immunization records. Recently, there have been at least two breaches when computers were stolen from employees or an outside hacker broke into the system and downloaded data.
Now you must write an open letter addressing the community and explain how the department is going to protect the information. In your letter, address the following questions.
Explain why the health department collects this information conveying the idea of how it serves the greater good.
Discuss the public's interest in privacy and why this is important in our society.
Discuss why the department needs to infringe on the community's privacy.
Explain how the department might ensure greater security.
Be sure to identify at least one applicable regulation, statute, or source that supports the ability of the department to collect this information.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Limit your response to 3 pages, not including title and reference pages.
Be sure to utilize at least 3-4 scholarly references to support your discussions.
Be sure to properly cite your references within the text of your assignment and listed at the end.
Be sure to apply critical thinking skills to the write-up of your assignment, especially for numbers 1, and 2 above.
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Legal Aspect of Healthcare
Medical Records, Patient Consent, and Information Management
Dear community members
There have been concerns about the use of collecting private health information and efforts to protect the privacy and security of this information. I note that there have at least two data beaches that have resulted in the breaking of the system and even downloading information. However, this is a rare event and the health department is in the process of strengthening our privacy and security policy. Collecting health data plays an important role and all people involved in the data collection process will adhere to the existing laws and standards pertaining to protecting data privacy. Increasingly, health care workers use electronic health records, and there is recognition that better security should be prioritized to avoid unauthorized access to personal health information. I will highlight why the health department collects personal health information, the efforts to ensure data security and relevant regulations applicable.
Why the health department collects this information
While the public may be skeptical about the need for collecting private health information, it is valuable to health care works because of public health concerns. One of the most common reason is that health information can help determine health patterns in epidemiology (Myers, Frieden, Bherwani & Henning, 2008). When there is a disease or infection outbreak it is easier to assess the patterns when more health information is viable. The patterns extend to linking disease and infection patterns affecting demographic groups where it is possible to determine those at risk. For instance, in the case of HIV incidences, those engaging in risky sexual behavior, gay and bisexual men, as well as those using drugs and sharing syringes are groups most at risk.

The public

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