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Learning Styles Pt II. Course Objectives. Learner Objectives (Essay Sample)


Using the Personal Class Design Project – Part 1 assignment you began in NUR-647E, you will complete the course design to include learner objectives, outline, teaching strategies, and associated evaluation, and method.
Using Part I, write and revise the original learner objectives submitted.
Use the A-B-C-D method of writing objectives. The objectives should incorporate Bloom's taxonomy, be written at the appropriate level for the audience, and include at least two learning domains (cognitive, psychomotor, and affective). Refer to "NUR-649E – Nursing Education Seminar II: A-B-C-D Approach to Objective Writing" and "NUR-649E – Nursing Education Seminar II: Learning Domains."
Map out a class time frame, outlining when to cover each of the content areas. Refer to "NUR-649E – Nursing Education Seminar II: Lesson Plan Template."
In addition to the content area, include the class time frame:
Time frame for covering each topic area
Teaching strategy for each objective
How the learning will be evaluated
Include rationale for each selected instruction and the evaluation method used.
Support your rationale by citing at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (less than 5 years old) in addition to the course materials.
There is no predetermined length for this assignment. It is intended that each student will develop a class that can be utilized in the student’s selected area of education.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


Learning styles impact the capacity and ability of people to decipher and encompass specific and related concepts with the view of achieving the course educational and learning objectives. In the wake of this, it is pertinent that educators of nurses and nurse practitioners have full knowledge of the diverse learning styles in the course and incorporate a plethora of educational and learning modes and instructions in to one specific curriculum that would aid in examining the styles. This paper serves to outline a plan that will be used in designing a four-hour Leadership Strategies Course for students, specializing in visual, kinetic and auditory learning styles.

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