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Learning Outcome Assessment Matrix (Essay Sample)


Obtain a copy of a tool that is used to evaluate teaching in a higher education setting. Summarize the instrument and explore how the organization uses the tool as part of teacher performance evaluation. Describe how this tool may be used to monitor the effectiveness of learning plans. Prepare a 350- to 700-word paper that summarizes your findings. Include at least two professional sources from the University Library. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Learning Outcome Assessment Matrix
Course title:
In education there is always need for assessment. This assessment is not just needed to evaluate the learner's performance, but there is need to also evaluate the success of the teacher in delivering the content. There are various tools used in teaching evaluation. One of such methods is the learning outcome assessment matrix, which is very commonly used in different higher level institutions. This tool is very effective in assessing success of teaching at different levels. This view emanates from the different spheres of teaching that are captured in this tool.
The learning outcome assessment matrix is a crucial tool for evaluating teacher effectiveness in teaching. This tool contains different aspects of teaching which make it very reliable. First, the goal of teaching is captured. The overarching goal denotes the broad and generalized statement of what is to be learned. Raurell-Torredà, Olivet-Pujol, Romero-Collado et al (2015) disclose that; the goal of teaching is usually a general statement but must adhere to the intended course of the subject area. Another aspect of this tool is the desired learning outcome. This aspect touches on the narrow and specific learning outcome which the teacher intents the students to have achieved by the end of a lesson. This is very crucial because; without achievement of this narrow goal, there is no success in the efforts of the teacher. Such narrow objectives must be made concrete and measurable for them to be achieved and to facilitate evaluation. The other crucial aspect of this tool is the teaching methods. These must be in line with the content being taught as well as the level of the learners. Assessm...
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