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leadership and managment in nursing (Essay Sample)

the essay must be written in Australain English. All references should be JOURNAL ARTICLES and books only. current resources, last 5 years. Attached are the question and the study guide. if you want, you can use some of the resources provided in the study quide. my area of practice is nursing education managment. icluding teaching new nurse, cunducting nursing training program such as graduate nurse program. however, the important is to answer the question and meet the provided marking criteria. kind regards for this order, I have selected ( best 10 writer). Kindly assign the paper to someone familiar with the subject of "leadership and managment in nursing" or atleast in health. this paper worth 50% of mark and the tutor is strict. My expectation as usual, your care and support. I was happy with the writers of my previous orders: 00024141 or 00024082, if you think one of them can do it, and you can be accountable for that, please consider what is good form me. all required information is provided and 2 documents are attached which include the question and the marking guide. if the writer needs more details, I will send them. source..
LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Leadership and Management The issue of improved healthcare has been of major concern in many countries. This has brought about the need for efficient leaders in nursing. The leaders and management should be bold enough to go beyond their usual limits and be able to implement new ideas for the benefit of their customers (Antrobus, et al., 2009). The change agents in nursing are the nurses themselves. The nurturing of leaders in nursing is dependent on the theories of leadership and management. There are a number of leadership and management theories. For example, in transactional leadership theory, the effectiveness of the output in nursing practice is mainly when the nursing manager relates well with the change agent who are mainly the nurses. The nursing leader will have to look at the abilities of the nurses and use these to the advantage of the situation (Bennett, 2012). Every nurse potential is looked at and to achieve maximum output the manager will assign the nurses different roles depending on their abilities. These can only happen if the leader shows that he/she is an expert in what is being done. The leader will have to work closely with the top management and formulate strategic policies. The nurses also should share their ideas and work closely with their manager. Other leadership theories include transactional ad transformational. For example, a nurse in charge who acts as the leader of other nurses can either influence the subjects on the decisions to be made or by taking up their ideas and coming out with a final decision. The advantage of democratic leadership is that there is more comprehensive analysis of a medical situation. In some cases, the leader, a nurse in charge in this case, will consider the needs of the nurse and work on that path to also bring out the hospital`s needs (Bratt, 2013). The role...
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