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Ethical Issues in Nursing. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Develop an informative, scholarly, professional position paper for the ethics committee by doing the following:
A. Discuss two ethical challenges in nursing practice that are common to your organization, as well as the ethical principles involved in the American Nursing Association (ANA) Code of Ethics.
1. For each ethical challenge, describe one potential legal implication.
2. Support your discussion with a minimum of two scholarly sources, published within the past five years, for each challenge. A minimum of one source of the two must be a course text or course resource.
B. Discuss the responsibility of a nurse with a master’s degree acting in a leadership role within the organization by doing the following:
1. Describe the role of the nurse leader in applying a published, ethical decision-making model to one of the ethical challenges in part A.
2. Discuss the actual or potential stakeholders involved in and affected by the outcome of the ethical decision-making process and the potential impact on each stakeholder.
3. Describe the role of interdisciplinary team members throughout the ethical decision-making process.
4. Describe a transformational leadership strategy that the nurse leader might use to promote interdisciplinary team collaboration during the ethical decision-making process.
C. Explain how the actions taken in part B align with your organization’s mission statement.
D. Submit your position paper in APA style and format, including but not limited to the title page and headers, in-text citations, and references.
E. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.


Ethical Issues in Nursing
Course Code:
Nurses encounter difficult situations that challenge their ethical principles in their jobs. They have to reconcile their values with their professional nursing obligation to make the best decisions in these situations. Not promptly addressing ethical issues is a problem that if ignored can threaten the patients, the organization they work for and their profession.
Section A
1. For each ethical challenge, describe one potential legal implication.
Disclosing Medical Conditions to Patients
Nurses find themselves in a tricky spot about conveying some information to the patients and their relatives. A nurse is trained and expected to tell the truth to the patient even when the truth is hard. According to CITATION Sar14 \l 1033 (Sarafis, Tsounis, Malliarou, & Lahana, 2014), ‘balancing hope with honesty is one of the most important skills of the art of medicine.’ They are supposed to give it to them as it is and also advise them on their treatment options. In some cases, the family of the patient can come in and request the nurse to lie to the patient about their medical condition or diagnosis. On one hand, the nurse must consider the patient’s right to know ad on the other the family claims and may table convincing reasons why he/she should not do that. They may claim the knowledge of the medical condition or diagnosis may prompt the patient to behave differently and in a way that may make their treatment more challenging such as refuse medication hence worsening his/or her medical condition. On the other hand, the nurse understands that lying to the patient is against his/her professional obligations and is suable in a court of law. It is an offence that can prompt the professional body to withdraw the nurse’s practicing license.

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