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Introduction, Organization & Integumentary System Pt 1 (Essay Sample)


Introduction, Organization & Integumentary System Pt 1 1 1/2 pages please Case Assignment Overview For this first case assignment, read the following scientific paper: Cordain L, et al. 2002. Acne vulgaris: A disease of western civilization. Archives of Dermatology. 2002;138:1584-1590. You can find it online as a free access article in Archives of Dermatology. There additional books on dermatology on your bookshelf. Dermatology: A Colour Handbook, is a good reference here to begin with. Use these additional sources and your required reading to research aspects this disorder and write a 2-3 page paper that includes a discussion of the following: 1. What is the normal anatomy and physiology of the skin. What are the functions, layers, skin appendages, and cells found in the skin? 2. How is the normal anatomy and physiology of the skin altered in the diseased state? 3. What are symptoms associated with the selected disorder? 4. What are the treatments for the disorder? FIRST THINGS FIRST: Paper Expectations for this Course! The biggest reason papers are rejected or receive a failing grade is plagiarism! Please be sure that you are taking notes from your sources, and compiling and synthesizing these notes into YOUR OWN WORDS! Papers containing copied text will be rejected and failed! I want everyone to succeed in this course and am going to provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you achieve the highest possible grade on your paper. One of the major issues that I have come across is receiving papers from students that don’t meet the criteria for full points to be awarded. The major reason for this is failure to adequately address all of the stated objectives to the appropriate degree of a given assignment. A great way to overcome this problem is to begin your paper by examining the “weight” of each part of your paper. In each assignment, look to see how points are distributed AND what areas must be covered in your paper. I require the use of headings and sub-headings for your paper to organize the content. This helps to determine if all the criteria have been addressed and demonstrates the flow and organization of the content. For example: Let us assume that you are given instructions to write a 2 page paper. Imagine that there are 4 areas (or objectives or instructions), each worth 25% of your papers overall grade. You should make certain that your paper covers each topic equally. Here is an example: Cover Page (cover pages are required for ALL written academic work) Introduction Objective/instruction 1 (1/2 page) Objective/instruction 2 (1/2 page) Objective/instruction 3 (1/2 page) Objective/instruction 4 (1/2 page) Conclusion References References and Plagiarism For many of you, this may be your first academic course in quite some time. If this is the case, I encourage you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the “TUI Style Sheet” link found on the course syllabus page. On the page of the “TUI Style Sheet”, I want you to review the PowerPoint presentation entitled “TUI Style: The Elements of a Well Written Paper” for guidance on how to structure your paper and cite and reference your sources. Please be certain that ALL submitted papers include a reference sheet. Remember that all sources used in the creation of your paper must be cited in your paper. Whenever you use the work of another, be it directly (taking actual direct quote from their work) or indirectly (putting their ideas into your own words), you need to cite in the text where you used their work. Academic work should also not look like a “ransom” note. That is, you should not cut & paste from multiple web-sources and try to paste it together into one big paper. If you are having difficulty understanding what constitutes plagiarism, please click on the following link:http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/589/01/ this web page, hosted by the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University is a mini-tutorial that will help you to avoid inadvertent plagiarism. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will provide you with additional help. Case and SLP Assignment Expectations in General Format Remember that all of your work should be prepared using appropriate format. This link from your course syllabus page will help reinforce formatting expectations: http://www(dot)trident(dot)edu/files/Well-Written-Paper.pdf Scholarly Content Your SLP and your case assignments are considered scholarly works. I anticipate that the nature of the questions which must be answered in this project will result in the accumulation of more than 10 references, but 10 is the minimum number. This means by the end of module 5, I should be able to go back and count AT A MINIMUM a total of 10 scholarly-peer reviewed publications in all of your submitted papers. If you are uncertain what a peer reviewed (scholarly) source is, go tohttp://www(dot)csuchico(dot)edu/lins/handouts/scholarly.pdf Please keep in mind that you should not use sources such as “” or “Wikipedia” or “Wikianswers”. None of these are scholarly sources and they can be “modified” by any registered user which makes it unreliable. It could very well be that those who modify subjects in Wikipedia have a very good knowledge of the subject, however, since we have no way of knowing their credentials or intentions, we cannot guarantee that the source is reliable. It is a good place to start, but should not be used as factual in graduate writing. For graduate study, be sure to stick to peer reviewed journals and scientific sources. If you are having trouble finding a place to begin, try the References, or Bibliography, section at the end of the chapters in your assigned readings or ebrary books. The books on your ebrary shelf are all scholarly references as well. The following site will help: http://www(dot)csuchico(dot)edu/lins/handouts/scholarly.html Appropriate Headings and Paper Flow Remember that you are preparing a formal academic paper. Your paper should make use of appropriate headings and subheadings. You should not cut & paste the questions posed and answer them like a “Question and Answer” session. Your finished paper should read like an academic paper.


Introduction, organization and integumentary system pt 1
The skin being one of the primary parts of the body that interacts with the external world first hand, it is meant to protect the skin from external aggressors to the body as well as sending messages to the brain about sensations and potential danger.
Anatomy and physiology of the skin. What are the functions, layers, skin appendages, and cells found in the skin?
Being the largest organ in the body the skin has several sub layers that serve different functions, the arrangement of these layers is what is called skin anatomy. These layers are:
Epidermis: it is the thin top layer of the skin that contains cells that make up the skin pigment. The epidermis is also divided into three different subsections namely stratum corneum, keratinocytes, basal layer which have different functionalities. It is the epidermis that provides the first body physiology that is visible to the eye CITATION Oph13 \l 1033 (Ophelia, 2013).
Dermis: this is part of the skin that contains the blood and lymph vessels as well as the hair follicles and sweat glands. All these parts of the dermis are held together by collagen which provide the skin with its strength.
Subcutis: is the bottom layer of the skin wh...
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