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Improve recruitment and retention Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


please look at the attachments for instructions on how to write the paper. Also, I will attaching an article that HAS to be used to select a theory for my paper. A total of 4 sources, including the article I will be attaching. please use peer review nursing journal articles for all the sources.


Leadership Paper – Change Agent

As innovators, all registered nurses (RNs) act as agents of change to drive processes and policy and leverage technology to prove better, more affordable care for individuals and the community.

Evidence-based practice (EBP) seeks to integrate the expertise of individual practitioners with the best available evidence within the context of the values and expectations of clients. Prior to implementing EBP, it is important to understand the significance that organizational change and organizational culture play.

Within the nursing realm, the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice (ANA, 2015) helps frame the perspective from which nursing innovation takes place:

Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of healing, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. (p. 1)

The updated ANA scope and standards of practice document calls for all RNs to be leaders within the profession, working to influence policies and encourage innovation (ANA, 2015).

You are a nurse manager on Unit X in Organization Y. You have had some ideas about how to make things better on your unit or within nursing at your organization.  You will be leading an innovative change project for your unit/organization.

Below are several change ideas. Choose one of them to implement on your unit/in your organization and then create a plan for the change based on the following guidelines. You will then write a 4-6 page paper.


Be sure that your change is SMART:







Please plan to choose your change project/innovation plan from the following main topic areas:

1)                 Recruitment and retention

2)                 Innovative technology

3)                 Culturally aware patient care

4)                 Employee engagement

5)                 Promoting self-care

6)                 Multi-generational workforce

7)                 The business of health care

8)                 Workplace violence and/or bullying

Some other ideas/topics that would be appropriate:

Decrease patient waiting times, improved patient throughput

Hand off tools to increase communication/improve quality

Monthly nurse recognition program

Decreasing work related injuries

Improving pre-procedure documentation and consent process

Improving communication in a culturally diverse environment

Group practice model implementation

Improving call light response time

Improve recruitment and retention

Effectiveness of 8 hour vs 12 hour shifts

Improving communication in a culturally diverse environment

Improvements to professional training for nursing staff

Effective patient education

Conflict resolution

Promoting autonomy

Improvements to bedside shift reporting

Nurses worldwide are engaged in innovative practice on a daily basis. In most health systems across the world, nurses provide up to 80% of primary health care and are therefore well positioned to provide critically needed innovative solutions to many global health challenges.

The aim of this paper is to increase awareness of the importance and value of innovations in nursing; provide an improved understanding of the contribution nurses make to innovation in health care; and increase understanding of the importance of creating environments that inspire innovation and help shape practice in new and improved ways.

This paper explores the concept of innovation, the inherent set of characteristics that need to be present in order for innovations to succeed, and the barriers that impede innovation from occurring.



Assignment Guidelines:

  • Observe your healthcare environment focusing on areas of nursing process that are inefficient, unsafe, or problematic in nature.
  • Diagnose the problem and choose a nursing change theory that suits the change you want to discuss. Choose the theory from the following assigned reading you did:
  • Mitchell, G. (2013).  Selecting the best theory to implement planned change. Nursing Management, 20(1), 32-37.  Retrieved December 19, 2018, from
  • Propose a detailed plan based on your chosen change theory explaining how to implement change.
  • Develop criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and include a timeline for your change proposal.
  • Finally, reflect on how your change affects the nursing profession.

General Guidelines

  • The paper should include the Mitchell (2013) article and your textbook as primary sources and include at least three additional peer reviewed nursing journal articles.
  • Citations should be in your own words and not direct quotes.  Direct quotes are meant to provide evidence and reinforcement to the points you are making, not to be the main content of your paper.
  • Include a title page, running head, appropriate headings, and reference page; no abstract is needed.

Step 1: Choose your innovative change.  Submit the following to the instructor for approval to the appropriate Dropbox by 11:59 pm on July 28, 2019. 

  • Problem: What is the key issue/problem you are addressing?
  • Intervention: What is your innovative change stated as a SMART goal?
  • Outcome: What results will you expect if your innovative change is successfully implemented?

Step 2: Submit your Leadership Paper for submission to the appropriate Dropbox by 11:59pm on Sunday, August 18, 2019 using the template paper and saving your paper as:

Last name_First name_Leadership Change Paper



General Outline - See the templated paper



American Nurses Association. (ANA). (2015a). Nursing: Scope and standards of practice (3rd ed.). Silver Spring, MD: Author.

Hughes, F. (2006).  Nurses at the forefront of innovation. International Nursing Review, 53(d), 94-101.




Improve Recruitment and Retention
Due Date
Improve Recruitment and Retention
For a majority of hospitals, the goal is to always enhance patient outcomes. However, this goal can be hampered if issues at the recruitment stage are not handled well. The recruitment stage gifts a hospital the chance to ensure that both its short and long-term vision and goal are achieved. Additionally, recruitment offers hospitals a chance to deal with the problem of nursing shortage. Nursing shortage is one of the chief issues that impact patient outcomes. When a hospital cannot fill the available positions within the nursing department, it becomes incredibly difficult to enhance healthcare outcomes. Two other issues that compound the above problem is the inability of an organization to attract top talent as well as retain this top talent. When an organization has not built a conducive home for its employees, it becomes incredibly difficult to attract more talent. Aside from the above, there is also a likelihood that turnover rates may also increase as employees look for better organizations. So, in this article, the focus will be on how the recruitment process can be enhanced with a keen interest in also how turnover rates can be curtailed. With its five phases, Rogers planned change theory fits best with the issue under study.

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