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Evidence based practice: Implementation and Evaluation Plan (Essay Sample)

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Implementation and Evaluation Plan
Author’s Name
1.0 Implementation Plan
1.1 Introduction
Like many other parts of the world, Saudi Arabia is challenged with a nursing shortage. By the year 2010, there was a chronic nursing shortage of 30 percent, which was worsened by increased migration of nurses (Almalki, Fitzgerald & Clark, 2011). In light of the above predicament, policies and measures were developed so as to augment the nursing profession. The policy change was inline with the policy of “Saudization”, which refers to the effort to increase the number of Saudi employees working in all sectors, including nursing (Fielden, 2012). As a result, most hospitals require new nurses to complete a 3 month Departmental Orientation Program, upon which they are expected to be competent in the provision of patient care (Almalki, Fitzgerald & Clark, 2011).
The focus of the policy makers has been on increasing quantity at the expense of quality. A 3 month period may be deemed short in gathering the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a nurse (Fielden, 2012). Henceforth, most of the nurses leave the profession within the first year of working due the lack of self-confidence, job-satisfaction or the essential skills and knowledge (Edwards et al., 2011; Strauss, 2009). This further compounds the nursing shortage and leads to loss of investments in the new nurses, in addition to further recruitment costs for the employing bodies. The short orientation time can also lead to a compromise in patient care provided by the stressed and inexperienced nurse.
Faced with this predicament, it is essential to increase the orientation program to a period sufficient enough to permit the acquisition of the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude (Edwards et al., 2011). The intent of this paper is to come up with a plan for implementing a one-year orientation program from the 3 months program using an appropriate change model. The paper further analyses the facilitators and barriers to this change, in addition to developing an evaluation plan, to discern the effectiveness of the evidence-based practice (EBP) change.
1.2 Planning for Practice Change
Most researchers have correlated adequate graduate program time with beneficial effects on the nurses, patients and employers. Edwards et al. (2011) systematic review was chosen as best recent evidence in implementing the changes in the graduate nurse program. After successive advocacy of the (EBP) change to policy makers/decision makers, a change of practice will be carried out to replace the 3-month training program with a one-year graduate program for the Saudi graduate nurses. The program will incorporate learning experiences, nursing knowledge and the training of skills in a manner that prepares the nurse for the working environment. This is expected to boost the self-confidence of the nurses, job satisfaction and patient care (Strauss, 2009).
In order for effective ...
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