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IMPACT OF PANIC DISORDER (Panic: Is it just a case of nerves?) (Essay Sample)

Panic. Is it just a case of nerves? Instructions Watch the following video and then address the questions below in your paper. Films Media Group. (2002). Panic disorder and agoraphobia: Anxiety disorders-symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment [H.264]. Write a four page paper which includes a cover page (page 1), your response to the items below (pages 2 & 3), and a reference page (page 4): Describe how a panic disorder impacts someone's life. What therapeutic communication techniques would be appropriate for the RN to use when interacting with a patient experiencing a panic attack? Discuss the nursing care that would de-escalate the situation. How would the RN respond to: A patient who states they feel they are "losing touch with reality during a panic attack"? A family member who believes the panic attacks are just a sign of stress or "being too nervous'? What information should the RN include when developing a teaching plan for patients with panic disorders? source..
IMPACT OF PANIC DISORDER Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Impact of Panic Disorder Panic disorder is a terrible condition of fear that preoccupies people who had experiences panic attack. Panic attack is a spontaneous experience that develops abruptly and reaches a peak within a few minutes, occurs unexpectedly sometimes even when a person is asleep. Panic disorder is thus a condition where a person suffers brief attacks of intense terror and apprehension that have the symptoms of dizziness, confusion and shaking in addition to nausea and difficulty breathing (ADAA, 2013). People with panic disorder avoid situations they had previously had a panic attack in anticipation of it happening again, a situation called agoraphobia. Public disorder affects an individual’s life in that it makes it difficult to forget the past panic attacks making the person to be extremely fearful of having another panic attack. Individual’s personal and work related relations are negatively affected in addition to other mental health conditions that potentially cause stress and strain to the individual’s quality of life (AnxietyBC, 2013). A personal work performance is affected by panic disorder and development of relationship with co-workers. Individuals with panic disorder fears negative reactions of coworkers thereby distancing themselves from others (AnxietyBC, 2013). Consequently, Personal relationship becomes a problem to people with panic disorder which stems from aforementioned issues such as fears associated with agoraphobia. Individuals find it difficult to connect with others for fear of being negatively evaluated or being abandoned by loved ones who do not understand panic disorder. Most people with pa...
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