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Immunization in pediatrics in America. Personal Belief Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements (Essay Sample)


Health Policy Position Paper (50%): Write a 5-8 page double spaced paper describing a policy issue with health implications, doing so in a way that fulfills the following criteria. Cite your sources within the paper and provide a bibliography at the end as a separate page. References do not count in the page limit.
What is the purpose of the policy? What do you want the decision maker to do?
Who is the decision maker and why is he/she/they the appropriate person(s)?
Describe the issue. What is the problem? Who does it affect? Why is it a problem?
Describe the policy history of this issue and previous efforts to address or solve this problem.
Offer at least two solutions to the problem. Make sure they are supported by facts and are well referenced.
Evaluate the pros and cons of the solutions. What are the pros and cons for both solutions? Look at potential problems with implementation.
Choose one of the proposed solutions as your recommendation. Argue why this is the best solution to the problem. Back up your argument with data.
Who are the stakeholders for this issue? Explain why they would support or object to your recommendations.
Please use this website as one of the references : https://www(dot)cdc(dot)gov/


Personal Belief Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements
Personal Belief Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements
Purpose of the Policy
The purpose of immunizing children is centered on the best interest of the child. Dreyer, the President of AAP points out that all pediatricians care about each individual child in their practice and since they understand that vaccines are critical in protecting children against diseases, they recommend and support immunization of children because no child should suffer from a preventable disease CITATION Ame16 \l 1033 (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2016). Additionally, the community immunity id dependent on high immunization to ensure no disease outbreak where children live, learn and play. Therefore, the primary objective of immunization is boosting immunity of children to resist any preventable disease and by extension protect the community by making it mandatory for school going children to be immunized. The community is protected by immunizing all children to have the immunity to ensure they can resist some diseases because the any confirmed case of an attack on a single individual is a threat to the community. These diseases are highly contagious and therefore immunity must be addressed at the community level and at an individual level. Therefore, herd immunity is an objective to protect the people against an outbreak of an epidemic.

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