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Immunization Against Infectious Disease (Essay Sample)

http://literati(dot)credoreference(dot)com/content/entry/wileyhg/infectious_diseases_gene_therapy/0?result=1 this is the website i want you to use also the article i chose is Infectious Diseases: Gene Therapy so by using this article summarize one page and follow the attachment that I attache please i need this paper within 6 hour if you have any question feel free to text or call me i really need this paper by the morning thanks very much source..
Immunization against Infectious Disease Name: Institution: While some of the infectious diseases have been controlled through development of the right treatment, a few of the life threatening infections are still untreatable. AIDS is one of the infectious diseases that are caused by the HIV virus and there has not been much luck developing the treatment for a cure. This virus destroys some of the most critical cells in the defense functions of the human body called the CD+4. After the weakening of the defense system, the body becomes susceptible to a myriad of infections that can be life threatening. Hepatitis B virus on the other hand causes the paradoxical destruction of the liver, by the immune system as it works to recover from the infectious virus (Bunnell & Morgan, 1998). Gene therapy is still under development but it is viewed as the next best alternative to these infections that cannot be healed through the standard clinical procedural management. The practice has three categories, where one of the therapies is based on the nucleic acid moieties which include the RNA, Catalytic RNA Moieties, DNA, and RNA decoys, and then there is proteins approach, such the negative proteins that are Trans-dominant or the Single-chained antibodies. Finally there is the immunotherapeutic approach, which applies the genetic vaccines and the lymphocytes that are pathogen-specific. All of these approaches can be used simultaneously at the various life cycle stages of the pathogen. The idea is to introduce genes that a...
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