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Iatrogenic Infection (Essay Sample)

Module 4.1 You assisted Dr. Smith on a sterile procedure. The patient acquired an iatrogenic infection. Who is ultimately responsible for this event? source..

Iatrogenic Infection
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Iatrogenic Infections
Iatrogenic infections are common in hospitals and frequently occur by accident while administering treatments to patients (Levi, 2005). Such infections may arise from using contaminated needles when giving injections or when carrying out surgical operations. The risk is more increased if the contaminated needles or scalpels are used for more than one person. In medicine, there arises a serious question on who to be held accountable in situations where a medical practitioner gets help from another person who ends up infecting the patient through his negligence (Greenwood, 2004).
There is a doctrine that is applied in medicine that is meant to hold parties accountable to the mistakes done by their assistants or those people they delegate their duties to (Levi, 2005). The senior doctor, who delegates their duties to their juniors that end up making mis...
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