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How to improve Infant mortality in Dallas County Health Essay (Essay Sample)


Identification of a Population in Your Community
Overview: As a community of practice, your task for this week is to collaborate with professionals across the health care system. With your community of practice, in the Discussion, find a gap in care or social determinant that often results in poor health care outcomes. You will begin to take the lead in advocating for and collaborating with others to improve the health care outcomes for populations at risk.
Practicum Discussion: During this week, you will identify a population at risk in your community. This population will be the basis for your Practicum Discussions and your individual presentations over the next 6 weeks, as well as the focus of your final PowerPoint presentation in Week 6. To review, a population is a group of individuals who share a common environmental or personal characteristic, such as obese individuals who are at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular disease (populations at risk) or those individuals who are otherwise healthy and could stay healthy if they do not develop risky behaviors (populations of interest). An example of this is teenagers who don’t yet smoke but might consider it due to peer pressure (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). Some of the topics you might consider are vaccination compliance, obesity rates among children and adults, teenage pregnancy, or infectious diseases such as Norwalk virus, genital warts, or sexually transmitted diseases/infections. You might look also at emerging public health problems such as Chagas or the Zika virus. Some of the places you might consider looking for information to substantiate and support your ideas about populations at risk in your communities are your local health department, the CDC, and the many evidence-based websites that the CDC supports, such as the CDC Wonder (http://wonder(dot)cdc(dot)gov/). You may also review the work of other community groups that focus on improving health care outcomes for your community. You should begin to support your selection of population and ideas about their health care problems through the use of health data and scholarly literature.
Please address the following points in your Practicum Discussion:
Briefly describe your community and then describe your practice setting.
What are the determinants of health in your community? (https://www(dot)healthypeople(dot)gov/2020/about/foundation-health-measures/Determinants-of-Health)
What are the most prevalent health problems in your community or in your practice?
Choose a population at risk and describe the health problem specific to that population. Remember that you will have to define the population’s age, culture, religious beliefs, foods, and traditions eventually as your project progresses.
My focus will be Howto improve Infant Mortality with young mothers. I want to discuss how to improve infant mortality in Dallas County.
I need it to be 350 words.
Required Content
Identified a population in student's community that often have poor health outcomes for a particular problem.


Infant Mortality Rate Among Young Mothers in Dallas County
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Dallas County is within the State of Texas, with a 2019 population estimate of 2,635,516, 26.2% of which represents ages 17 years old and below (, n.d.). The county supports its inhabitants in terms of health care through the Dallas County Health and Human Services (or DCHHS), who is actively participating in the National Public Health Improvement Initiative of the Center for Disease Control. Dallas County gains funding through the Affordable Care Act, which may enhance its healthcare system. Additionally, the DCHHS conducts a collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to identify the determinants of health within the community, helping in achieving an effective and efficient public health system for the whole population of Dallas County (, n.d.). Aside from the Affordable Care Act, other determinants of health which may provide impact on the welfare of the individuals include health inequities and uneven distribution of resources, employment, poverty, single parent households, cultural diversity, climate change, and the use of substances for abuse (, n.d.). As of this moment, Dallas County’s top health problems include Major Depressive Disorder and Suicide, Substance Abuse, Motor V

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