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How Nurses Can Impact Health Policy Decisions Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Discuss what strategies can staff nurses use to collect and share evidence that could impact health policy decisions?
Essay should be formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources not older than five years.


How Nurses Can Impact Health Policy Decisions
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How Nurses Can Impact Health Policy Decisions
The leading medical job is nursing globally, with about 3 million practitioners within the U.S only. Because of that, they do possess the ability to intensely impact policy on a universal measure. Nurses need to be involved in legislation that influences their patients as it is their professional and moral responsibility. If nurses impact politics that increase healthcare delivery, they will be ultimately be offering patients support. Unluckily, nurses have traditionally had tiny involvement in policy that affects healthcare delivery. Even though nurses utilize many strategies to gather and share evidence that could impact health policy decisions, one of the major strategies is Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). EBP is a critical part of improving serious care nursing duty, vital for offering patients quality care (Horntvedt,2018). EBP adaptation to the culture betters patient progress and healthcare provider, family, and patient satisfaction. It may also decrease charges and the danger of damage by lessening unnecessary testing, and ultimately, health policy decisions can be made out of it.

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