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How Hospital Staffing Policy Contributed to Patients Death (Essay Sample)

HOW DID THE HOSPITAL STAFFING POLICY CONTRIBUTE TO THE PATIENT\'S DEATH? WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND AS AN IMPROVEMENT TO THE POLICY?. \"Note\" case study to this question based on nurses that worked longer hours. source..
HOW HOSPITAL STAFFING POLICY CONTRIBUTED TO PATIENTS` DEATH Name Institution Affiliation Instructor`s Name Date of Submission How Hospital Staffing Policy Contributed to Patients` Death We can help prevent mortality and reduce the number of unnecessary deaths if we understand the factors that determine the mortality of patient and developing strategies that are aimed at checking the advancement these factors. In this article we address the issue of rising patient mortality and how hospital staffing policy can contribute to patient`s death - especially those who have suffered reduced span of attention from nurses or other hospital staff due to low staff to patient ratio at medical facilities (Kendall‐Gallagher, et al, 2011). Nurses that work for longer hours in hospitals may bring with them some baggage of non-effectiveness in as much as this may prove to be cost-effective to facilities that hire and pay their own nurses and staff and therefore required to reconcile the records on accounts of spending and so forth. Patient safety is becoming a growing concern among the health care players because with several researches that have been carried out over the past decade or so it has become more and more apparent that there are several patients who end up suffering from adverse effects that lead them to meet death. It has increasingly been established that a good number of these effects, death included, are actually preventable or manageable - if not completely avoidable. This therefore calls for a number of policies that need to be implemented in order to gain more support for patients in health care facilities. While studying the health care staffing policies we notice that there are several factors that come to play, key among them being; physician-nurs...
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