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Evolution of Nursing Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Essay should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.
Note: I am new graduate (2019). In my job we use technology such as electronic health records, smart beds, automated IV pumps, etc. Technology expected.


Evolution of Nursing
Student’s Name
Evolution of Nursing
The nursing practice has been evolving over the years. The changing times and the uncertainty in the world today in terms of natural disasters and epidemics and outbreaks, among others, have made evolution necessary. Since I graduated, I have seen an evolution in nursing, especially in terms of technological advancement. I work in an organization that has embraced technological advancement. The use of electronic health records (EHR), automated IV pumps and smart beds, among others, is quite significant. While all these technologies were in place even before I graduated, there has been some evolution in terms of their integration with each other, thus impacting the nursing practice positively.
The evolution is about the integration of automated IV pumps and electronic health records. This is a practice that many hospitals have increasingly adopted in an attempt to reduce manual inputs and increase efficiency as a result. According to Evans (2016), the manual entry of medical data in devices is usually time-consuming and often involves errors. Yet, the mandatory use of EHR has been there since 2015 and not many hospitals had started to integrate EHR with other smart devices by that time. However, a lot has changed since I joined nursing education. For instance, by 2018, about 4% of the hospitals in the United States had already integrated their EHR with their smart pumps (Hodge, et al., 2019). The number of

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