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How To Handle Bullying In School Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Martin, an eighth grade student is frequently found to be absent to the classes and there are often complaints in the class from fellow students in the class that he bullies some girls and involved in violent activities. Recently, he has beaten a boy of his class very badly and was brought to the school nurse. The school nurse treated the boy, but was thinking about Martin and the probable reasons for his behavior.
As a school nurse how would we handle the case of Martin?


How to handle bullying in school
Bullying is an aggressive behavior towards another individual especially students (Oyaziwo & Don, 2008). A bully is a person who bullies another person. It involves forcing a person to fulfill undesired wishes. It is caused by misuse of power in relationships. It is a repeated behavior that is either physical, psychological or emotional. It humiliates an individual and lowers their self-esteem.People who experience bullying are those who are younger, seem smaller in size, weaker or vulnerable in any way to the bully. Examples of bullying habits are; attacking a person verbally or physical, spreading negative rumors and impeaching someone from a team on purpose among many others.
Most kids bully others because they are popular, lack empathy, feel inadequate, neglected by family members or guardian, lack friends or come from very wealthy backgrounds (Belinda, 2011) the victims of bullying fear to expose bullies because some adults ignore or may not take the issue seriously. Various signs show whether a kid is a bullied child. These are; sudden poor performance, low self-esteem, loss of interest in school, damaged clothing, unexplained bruises, depression, reduced social interaction and loss of appetite among many others.
Several methods have been employed to eradicate bullying in schools. These are; being a role model to your child. Bullying is an emulated behavior, teaching a child to care and respect others is the best way of curbing bullying. Parents and guardians should engage their kids in their lives. They should learn to listen to them and observe any changes in their behavior and attitude. Educating students about bullies, their characteristics, effects, and punishment they receive for bullying. It will help students to identify bullies and fight against bullying (Timothy, 2016)
Belinda, L. (2011...
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