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Discuss how the five elements of all matter are viewed in holistic nursing care. (Essay Sample)


a minimum of 3 references, must include a title page and reference page.
Discuss how the five elements of all matter are viewed in holistic nursing care. Identify and discuss  nursing theories used in guiding holistic nursing practice. Discuss if any holistic nursing practices are used in your area of work


Holistic Nursing
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Holistic Nursing
Holistic nursing is nursing practice whose goal is the healing of the person as a whole. Holistic nurses take a special approach in their practice. They focus on the mind, body, spirit, emotion, and environment aspects of the individual (Booth & Kaylor, 2018). Holistic nursing is founded on caring, interconnectedness, and relationship. Holistic nurses recognize and integrate modalities and principles of holistic healing into their daily lives and clinical practice. In addition to providing holistic care, holistic nurses integrate spirituality, reflection, self-care, and self-responsibility in their lives (Booth & Kaylor, 2018). This paper explains how the elements of matter are viewed in holistic nursing, theories that guide holistic nursing, and holistic nursing practices used in my area of work.
The first element of matter is earth. Earth is grounding and calming. It regulates tissues, muscles, and bones, and keeps one’s ego in check. The earth also plays a role in infections and inflammations. Due to this the earth is viewed as an important element in holistic nursing care because it encompasses the most critical aspects of nursing. A nurse is supposed to be calm, compassionate, and reassuring (Cowling, 2016). In addition to this, he or she should find a way to bring down the temped-up energies of demanding patients. Therefore, to show the resemblance of holistic care to natural healing, the earth plays an important role in teaching holistic nursing.

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