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History of Nursing: Clara Barton (Essay Sample)

As with all history, we never learn from our mistakes; however, in the case of health care, we have learned some things. Nursing was helped quite a bit by the Civil War. Prior to that time, nursing care was delivered by female relatives. During the war, women from all over became nurses to help the soldiers. Wartime, especially, is a critical period in nursing history. Select a nurse from the past and indicate why that nurse stands out. Was the nurse a risk-taker? Why/why not? What risks are you willing to take to uphold the values of nursing? source..

History of Nursing: Clara Barton
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This paper chooses to elaborate on one of the most notable players in nursing history. Clara Barton was an accomplished nurse and humanitarian. Clarissa Barton was the youngest of five children born in 1821 (Pryor, 1988). Her unofficial start in the nursing profession began at the age of 11 years, when her brother was injured from a fall. For three years, Barton learned to administer medication and care to her brother, including the use of leeches (Pryor, 1988). Barton later on went to become the founder of American Red Cross in 1881, and was the leader for 23 years (Pryor, 1988).
On her nursing capabilities, Barton did not hesitate to take risks. She was frequently on battle fields tending to wounded soldiers. After the onset of American Civil War, Barton was in the battlefields barely nine days into the war (Pryor, 1988). In addition, Barton established agencies to distribute medical supplies to wounded soldiers. Barton rode in army vehicles and ambulances so as to nurse soldiers back to proper health. All the while, she was frequently lobbying the Army to take her nursing capabilities to the front lines. She put her life at risk to deliver health care to soldiers. At one point, she was grazed by a bullet while tending to a wounded soldier (Pryor, 1988). She concentrated her efforts in delivering the best of care, despite the out-of-scope work and the increased soldier-to-nurse ratio (Pryor, 1988).
As a nurse, there are various risks that one should be willing to take. Frequently, the nurses are understaffed (Benner, Tanner & Chesla, 2009). The high patient to nurse ratio means increased responsibility. Like in Barton`s case, nurses should be willing to deliver their best even in such demanding circumstances, including out-of-scope work. Currently, there is an increase in the litigation/liability rates t...
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