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Healthcare Discussion: Patient Safety And Quality (Essay Sample)


According to McLaughlin and Olson (2012), “a key component of effective operations is the ability to move strategy to action” (pg. 13). Once a health care organization has a strategy, it is then necessary to select the accurate assessment tool to implement the strategy. Balance scorecards, strategy maps, and dashboards are three organizational assessment tools that are used frequently to move a strategy into action.

1. Read the article, The balanced scorecard, strategy maps, and dashboards: Why are they different?

2. Identify two (2) issues from the list of top issues confronting hospitals in 2016 published by the America College of Healthcare Executives.

3. Then choose one (1) tool (balanced scorecard, strategy maps, or dashboards) per selected issue and discuss (from a health care manager perspective) how you would use that tool to minimize the selected issue.

McLaughlin, D. B., & Olson, J. R. (2012). Healthcare operations management (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.


Healthcare Discussion
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In an article published by American College of Healthcare Executives, it has been mentioned that patient safety and quality, and access to medical assistance or care are two of the major challenges healthcare managers are facing nowadays. First of all, the patients are not provided with utmost assistance and care they need to recover from illnesses. Similarly, patient safety is not paid any attention to, and they are left helpless or are provided with low-quality treatment options that do not guarantee fast recovery. From surgeons, nurses and paramedical staff to pharmacists and hospice workers, people working in a hospital have to work hard to ensure the safety and health of patients. The healthcare professionals can never cope up with challenges like patient safety and quality until or unless they haven’t opted for balanc

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