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Health Teaching Plan and Classroom Presentation Research (Essay Sample)


Nutrition health teaching lesson plan for kindergartners. Review the health Framework for California Public schools by CA Dept of Education to gain insight into grade level expectations. Review CA Education codes that may apply ie CEC 51913, CEC 49426, CEC 51881, CEC 51820, CEC 51913, CEC 51550. Write the statement of problem and justification for teaching.
Justification should be based on the review of 2 sources of literature, summarize each source in 1-2 quality paragraphs include reference to Ed code. Include list of resources for teaching material.
Grade Level Expectations. Develop a teaching outline:
Date of Implementation
Main Goal of Lesson
Evidence of learners readiness, why need/want to know this information
Behavioral objectives for learners
Teaching methods
Content Outline
Method of Learner evaluation
Finla Outcome (impression)


Institutional Affiliation;
Health Teaching Plan and Classroom Presentation
Child nutrition education initiatives enable teachers to develop the flexibility required in offering fun activities that last between 5-15 minutes and also fit within a variety of classroom subjects. On the other hand, the inclusion of extension activities provides additional options that enhance the quality of teaching required in reinforcing nutritional education among kindergarten children. This paper seeks to review the health framework of California Public Schools under the CA Education Code CEC 49426.
Statement of Problem and Justification for Teaching
It is essential for teachers to determine the relevance of nutrition and its impact on the kindergarten children's brain development, social behaviors, and cognition (Fetro, Givens, & Carroll, 2011). This necessitates the need to develop approaches aimed at aiding the teachers in ensuring that their nutritional programs adhere to the standards of federal nutritional guidelines as established in CA Education Code CEC 49426.
A justification of this is evident in the fact that there are existing relationships between the brain functions of children aged 5-7 and nutrition as detailed by Hollar, (2012). This author establishes the fact that chemical messengers that function within the brain's neurotransmitters are affected by the metabolic processes in the body, an aspect that details the fact that the brain is affected by nutrition (Peralta, Dudley, & Cotton, 2016). Given this, school teachers and nurses need to facilitate and strengthen their nutritional education programs in a bid to improve and protect the health of children as established in the CA Education Code CEC 49426.
Teaching Outline
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Date of Implementation: January 2 2017Topic: BMI and how it is important for Children aged 5-7Groups: Children, Parents, Tea...
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