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Orientation of Health Related Staff Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


School Nurse Standard 17 states: "The school nurse manages school health services.” Program management is unique to school nursing and is not stated in ANA program standards. All school nurses are program managers as it encompasses everything from the case management of individual students to running a large Health Services Department.
You have been hired by a new medium sized school district in a rural area. The district has 6 schools, 2 new school nurses and 2 new LVN/Health Aides. Up to this point there has been no formalized orientation, evaluation or training for the Health Services Staff. You have been asked to design an orientation program for your staff.
Understanding School Nurse Practice The school nurse manages school health services. To adequately supervise and evaluate staff documentation of orientation and training of legal mandates concerning health areas as well as district protocols must occur. Orientation should include everything the new employees need to know to make them knowledgeable and productive employees and include the training needed for effective supervision/delegation of tasks. Orientation can include everything from team building, performance standards, to health office procedures and is unique to the job setting.
Key Concepts to explore Review Orientation Programs. Does your district have an Orientation Program for new hires? Do new Health Services staff have an Orientation? Is there an appropriate learning theory that would apply to staff trainings? How does the Neuman’s Systems Module apply? Why is a well-planned and delivered new staff orientation important? Who should provide the Orientation?
Design Design an Orientation Program including appropriate topics, methods of delivery, and ongoing staff support to reinforce the orientation process.
• Statement of problem and justification of orientation programs
• Application to Neuman’s Systems Module and Learning Theory.
• Check applicable California Education codes and District Policy for mandated health areas that need to be incorporated.
• Are there Legal Mandates? Health and Safety Standards? Does your Board Policy require Orientation to specific topics?
• Outline or chart your Orientation agenda noting the topics to be included and why.
(For example: Anaphylaxis/-EpiPen Training (Ca. Education Code 49414))
• What topics will be priority and why?
• How do you modify the material for the differing educational levels of your staff?
• How will you implement the Orientation?
• What might be the role of mentors? Or other support systems?
Reflection to Practice How will yo Evaluate the effectiveness of your Orientation Program. How will you document completion/demonstration of skills? Did you have an orientation when you started school nursing? Was it effective and What would you change?
(Selekman: Chapters 3 and 40. California Education Code, CSBA Policy, Federal and State Laws, District School Board Policy)


Orientation of Health Related Staff
Institutional affiliation Orientation of Health Related Staff
Problem statement
School nurse practice a unique form of nursing specialty. Occasionally nurses enter the specialty of school nursing from the clinical environment where peers work side-by-side. They are often the only healthcare profession in the setting of schools that are charged with the duty of meeting the complex needs of students and their families. Most school districts lack principles that assist the nurses after they have joined the profession and their expectations or in other words orientation. School nurses are often left uncared for after entering the profession while it is advisable to offer orientation to new...
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