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Health Policies and Vulnerable Populations Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


The debate over immigration reform continues to be a hot button in American policy and unlikely to be solved in the foreseeable future. Regardless of the current policy and where one stands on dealing with illegal immigration, the reality is that there will be undocumented immigrants that come into the country and as with all human beings, they will get sick or injured and need medical care. There are a host of legal, ethical, financial, and public health considerations for policies focused on care for this vulnerable population, and arguably no easy answers.
Review the background reading for this module and conduct your own research. After you have done so, write a position paper on whether the provision of health care for undocumented immigrants should be provided without consideration of immigration status, addressing each of the issues italicized above. Keep in mind that this paper is not meant to be a debate of immigration policy, but a statement regarding healthcare services.
Be sure cite reliable sources and utilize the reference below for setting up your paper. You must use the outline in the reference below.


Health Policies and Vulnerable Population
Health Policies and Vulnerable Population
Should the provision of healthcare for undocumented immigrants be delivered without consideration of immigration status? Statistics reveal that there are at least eleven million undocumented immigrants in the United States (Sorrell, 2017). Most of the individuals in this population do not have access to primary healthcare in the country. According to Sorrell (2017), the primary focus on the issue has remained on whether the people should be allowed to access medical facilities. What about the advocacy of ethics for the population? What should they do when they fall sick since they are already in the country and have to receive medication? What is the future of undocumented patients in the United States despite their immigration status since they would get sick like any other human being?

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