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Countries That Are Faring Better Or Worse Than Others In Childhood Obesity (Essay Sample)


Write a 200 words paper on the Countries that are faring better or worse than others in childhood obesity.


Global analysis of childhood obesity
Course title
Global analysis of childhood obesity
Global status
Childhood obesity is one of the serious public health concerns (, 2011). Countries have a role to perform in reducing the rates of prevalence of the childhood obesity. Several countries are trying so much to reduce the levels of childhood obesity through policies being put in place. Currently, some countries have high incidences while some have low rates. According to data from World Obesity Federation (2015), regionally, African countries have the lowest incidences of childhood obesity. The leading region with childhood obesity is the Americas, then Europe. America’s high incidences of childhood obesity might be attributed to industrialization. In Europe, Malta and Turkey score the highest on childhood obesity while Netherlands and Switzerland score the lowest, having the lowest prevalence rates (Carroquino, 2009). The countries low with the prevalence of childhood obesity is African countries and Netherlands and Switzerland. America has high rates of childhood obesity, attributed to Industrialization. Such countries with high prevalence rates of childhood need to put policies in place to reduce the rates of childhood obesity because it has an adverse impact on the economy. The government will have to pay for the management of health conditions associated with obesity such as diabetes and cancer. Such policies as regulating advertisements of soft drinks should be employed.
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