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Health Information Exchange Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper must be completed as a Microsoft Word Document in APA format. Please see the Outline of your paper below to see how your paper should flow. Throughout the course, the student will develop the final paper (5-10 pages) covering the topic. Set it up with your title page followed by the Executive Summary Page (which is left blank until you complete the entire paper). The next page begins with the Introduction and follow on from there. Support your paper with peer reviewed journals. Although, I am not limiting you to the number of references you are to use, be diligent in using a proper number to properly explain your subject matter and your stance. Please let me know early on if you are having problems with understanding what is required. OUTLINE FOR THE FINAL COMPREHENSION PAPER Cover page with title, course name and number, and your name. This is a summary of your paper. The reader should be able to read this and know the main ideas of your paper without reading it. Introduction/overview of topic be discussed Background, description, and history of the topic Various points of view Pros/cons of use (include a discussion of rural areas). Conclusion Appendix
kindly include the history of the topic various n points of view Pros/ cons of use (include a discussion of rural areas) Also, Appendix should be included.
references could be between eight and ten.
Kindly message me for any additional questions
kindly include advantages and disadvantages. I am scoring you 10/10. Great job!


Health Information Exchange
Student’s Name
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Health Information Exchange
Executive Summary
The paper focuses on the effectiveness of health information exchange (HIE) in promoting quality healthcare services. The main purpose of HIE is to ensure that physicians have access to accurate patients’ data when they need it so that they can use it to make effective clinical decisions. The use of HIE enable healthcare providers to avoid medication errors, curb misdiagnoses, and avoid duplicate testing. In addition, the paper discusses how rural hospitals are making good progress in implementing EHR systems despite their financial, workforce, technological challenges. Many patients have a positive attitude toward HIE. However, just like any other technology, EHRs have their merits and demerits. The advantages of HIE include the improvement of patient care, saves time and money, the reduction of medical errors, and efficiency of medical information exchange. In contrast, the disadvantages are data privacy concerns, high cost of implementing a proper EHR system, and patients’ negative attitude toward HIE. The primary recommendations in the effectiveness and efficiency of HIE are to combat the security and privacy issues.

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