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Stages Of A Health Impact Assessment Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


A health impact assessment (HIA), described in Chapter 4 of your textbook, is a process for describing and estimating the effects a proposed project or policy may have on the health of a population. For this assignment, imagine you asked asked to conduct a HIA for a proposed waste management facility in your community.
In a paper of 1,250-1,500-words address the following questions and issues:
1.Provide an overview and description of the stages of an health impact assessment. How is it different from other forms of assessment, such as an environmental impact assessment or a community health assessment?
2.What information would you need about the proposed project?
3.What information would you need about the community to understand the potential health effects?
4.What recommendations would you propose to promote positive health effects? What recommendations would you propose to mitigate adverse health effects?
5.Which decision makers would need this information? Why?
You are required to use a minimum of five additional references in your paper.


Health Impact Assessment
Institutional affiliation
Health Impact Assessment
It can be described as a tool that helps communities, practitioners and decision makers reach decisions that will play a role in the improvement of public health throughout the community. Different countries use different institutions to fund this tool, but in America, the center for disease and control is the only institution with federal expertise that helps communities exert this tool effectively. Health impact assessment is a tool that can be used to predict potential health impacts of policy, project or plan before it is even implemented or built. It is essential because it helps portray the potential health effects both positive and negative in the decision-making process for projects, plans and policies that have been categorized outside the general health arenas, for instance, the use of land and transportation. It additionally provides recommendations that are significant in minimizing negative impacts and increasing the positive effects (Eckermann, 2013).
Stages of a health impact assessment
Screening- this is the identification of policy, plan or project where the tool would be effective and significant.
Scoping- this involves the planning of the HIA and the identification of the risks and benefits that should be considered.
Assessment- this is the identification of the population that will be affected while paying attention to the impacts that the decision will have on the health of the community.
Recommendations- this stage involves the suggestion of practical plans that will be effective in the minimization of the negative health impacts of the decision/policy while at the same time increase the positive health effects.
Reporting- this is the presentation of the findings to the stakeholders, communities and all the involved parties.
Evaluation and monitoring- it involves constantly examining the impact that the HIA tool had on the decision-making process and the health status.
It is different from all other forms of health assessment because it is mainly concerned with sectors that are not general health arenas classification, for instance, the use of land and transportation (Scott-Samuel, 2008).
Information needed for the proposed project
When using an HIA tool to look at the potential health impacts of a waste management facility, it is crucial to gather some information and data that would be helpful in the drafting of recommendations. For example, the amount of waste that will be deposited there in a day and the methods of disposing of the waste that is exerted. While looking at the amount of waste that will be deposited in a single day, it is important to also look at the size of the facility. Looking at the size of the facility proves to be crucial in measuring if it can handle the amount of waste deposited there. Cases have been reported whereby waste management facilities have been overwhelmed by the amount of garbage dumped there and as a result become an environmental hazard. It is also important to look at the methods of waste management that will be used. Some methods have proven to be hazardous and negatively affected the environment. It is also important to look at the amount of waste that the facility will be managing in a single day. This will be essential in looking at the future of the facility.
Another significant aspect is looking at the mode of transportation that the institute will be using to move the waste material. Some means of transportation may be harmful to the population and as a result, cause serious health impacts on the people. Another important piece of information is the type of waste that will be facilitated at the institution. Some waste materials are dangerous to the environm...
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