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Health Issue: Health Disparity (Essay Sample)


Pick a contemporary health issue (not a health education topic like alcohol, drugs, pregnancy, etc. AN ISSUE in health care today) that is prominent in the news today. This issue must be regionally, nationally and globally relevant. You will write a 6 page paper on this issue. Your paper should demonstrate understanding of relevant terms and should show analysis if the literature including identifying gaps in knowledge and varying views of the topic. You should make summary conclusions and future recommendations based on your learning. Research should demonstrate the use of discipline specific data bases and alternative search tools and all material used should be correctly cited using APA format both in the narrative and in the References.


Contemporary Health issue: health disparity
The case for reforming health care has gained interest since President Obama sought to improve health care coverage to more people. However, the law provisions have not had the desired effect of reducing health disparities for families in different socioeconomic and racial groups. Insurance alone is not enough to reduce the health disparities, but it may too early to assess the likely long-term impact of the Affordable Care Act. Health disparity in the global scale has also disproportionately affected communities with huge economic disparities. The response to the 2012 Ebola epidemic in West Africa showed that access to health is still a challenge to people in the developing countries. Health disparity is a pressing issue at the state level, federal and international stage.
Healthcare disparity
Health disparities are specific to populations, as represented by differences in access to healthcare, health outcome and presence of specific diseases and conditions. Ethnic minorities in the US tend to be affected by chronic health conditions compared to their white counterparts, resulting in high mortality and poor health outcomes (Collins & Rocco, 2014). This includes most types of cancer, as well as infectious diseases like Hepatitis C. in counties with higher income disparity, access to health care for the marginalized is low, while exposure to may environmental risk factors is high.
The education levels affect the health care disparity between different groups, since he most educated people are more likely to comply with physicians. Having access to the best health care services improves longer healthier lives. New medical technologies and advances have improved medical care, but the health disparities still exist. The social conditions of different communities and individuals and their link to environmental and socio-economic disadvantages make it harder to improve health equity.
Health determinants vary from place to place and there are various models that public health officials target health disparity. Even though there is recognition that groups differences exists, there is still no consensus on the best strategies to eliminate health disparities. The earlier models focused on factors affecting individuals, but there has been recognition that group factors can provide a clearer picture on the impact of physical and social environments in influencing individual behavior (Gehlert et al, 2008). The factors influencing heath disparities occur at the individual as well as group level.
Individual and behavioral factors
There are various ways in which the health disparities are manifested in the society, given that social determinants of health have single out as factors that can be tackled to improve access to health care. Typically, communities that have often been faced with obstacles to attaining health care suffer over, especially when there is discrimination and exclusion. Many strategies to expanding healthcare access are often beneficial to the vulnerable populations. However, individual behavior needs to be taken into account, since people’s behavior influences health outcomes. Positive behavioral change is associated with healthier living, and individual behavior may instances where there are growing health disparities.
Community health workers
Community health workers may promote health, and their role s need not be dismissed as merely public intrusion in health care. Targeted efforts especially to the vulnerable populations would ensure that the people would be enrolled in health promotion campaigns. Additionally, promoters would focus on education and supporting the people, while also linking the members with health service providers. Health education can influence indivi...
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