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Health Disparity: Cultural Habits And Its Effect On Health (Essay Sample)


1. Use the 19 social categories in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing (vol. 21) to assist you in defining your social status.
2. Describe and assess your personal culture of origin, and analyze your cultural habits and its effect on health.
3. What are the traditional beliefs and values that are beneficial or not beneficial to generations influenced under the culture; describe the aspects of health care practice and systems related to this culture
4. Examine health care disparities in this culture in a chosen topics and populations


Health Disparity
Health Disparity
Culture of Origin, Cultural Habits, and Effect on Health
My personal culture of origin is Hispanic of Mexican descent. Ideally, my parents were born and raised in Mexico but they immigrated into the United States. I was born in the United States and so I refer myself as Mexican American. Mexicans have a wide array of social and economic factors that influence their lifestyle in general. One cultural habits in my background relate to language. One of the most common language is Spanish that has been spoken by generations of Mexicans. It is common that most people of Mexican descent, especially those raised by their parents or grandparents understand or can fluently speak Spanish. Language is an important cultural habit because it shows an identity of our cultural history (Smith, 2013). Mexican Americans often teach their children Spanish as a way of passing down their heritage and culture. Today, while living in the Unites States, English is another language among Mexican Americans. Many Mexican Americans grow up learning English because of interactions with other cultures.
Religion is another cultural habit among Mexican Americans. When I was growing up, religion played a crucial role in our family and it is still part of our culture. Just like most Mexican Americans, our religion is Catholic (Smith, 2013). Catholicism has grown predominantly among Mexican Americans, despite influences from other religions and sects. Food is also an important cultural habit that has grown over the years. Some of the most common delicacies in our Mexican foods include the tortillas, tacos, guacamole, tamales, mole, and Pico de Gallo. Food is an important element of the Mexican culture to bring people together to share as they eat and celebrate with one another (Smith, 2013). However, apart from these Mexican delicacies, as Mexican Americans, we incorporate other staples such as corn, wheat, rice, chorizo, and most common spicy foods.
Family values are also important within the Mexican American culture. In most cases, Mexicans have large families, especially those who live outside the cities. In rural areas, it is common to see many Mexican families with approximately six to seven children, as well as the parents to make very large families. Others stay close to their extended families to do things together as a way of developing their cultural values. Hierarchies are common in families and businesses of Mexican Americans, allowing people to be conscious of their responsibilities. Given the large families that often live together or near each other, hosting large parties in the homes to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome is a common practice (Poma, 1983). A lot of food is prepared for such occasions to ensure everyone has their full. These family values also include entertainment activities. In this way, dancing, playing games, and various other entertainment activities often accompany these gatherings.
Consequently, these cultural habits have some effects on health. For example, when it comes to language, many Mexican Americans, especially the old are only fluent in Spanish. When they need to access healthcare, it becomes difficult for them to express their health concerns if there i

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