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Health Disparities in the Philippines Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Examining the Filipino culture's health disparities, health related practices, and health care outcomes. Use the 19 social categories in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing (vol. 21) to assist in defining the social status. Describe and assess the culture of origin and analyze the cultural habits and its effect on health. What are the traditional belief and values that are beneficial or not beneficial to generations influenced under the culture, describe the aspects of health care practice and systems related to this culture. Examine heath care disparities in this culture in a chosen topic and population.


Health Disparities in Philippines
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Health Disparities in Philippines
A disparity can be referred to as a difference, and inequality, inconsistency, or a gap. Within a person's cultures, there are different types of disparities, including health disparities or particular differences in the presence of health results, disease, health care accessibility, and value of health care amenities present in specific ethnic and racial groups. The provision of culturally proficient health care is a significant professional matter. This paper will focus on Filipino cultural habits and its effect on health, especially cancer disease and the traditional belief and values that are beneficial or not beneficial to generations influenced under the culture. The Filipino culture has many factors to poor access to healthcare and decreased quality of care, some of the elements being cultural habits concerning food, screening rates, language, and behavioral and mental health. Each culture has its traditional beliefs and norms, among which they can be shared among cultures to improved global health. Also, most health care services are greatly influenced by the Filipino culture that which is insignificant to future generations.

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