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Passage 1: Universal Health Care Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


1 intro, 2-3 body paragraph, 1 conclusion. send me whatever you wrote in one hour. please reference one of the reading passage that I post. please write an essay you have write about agreeing or disagree one of the passages.


Universal health care is not free care. Funding must come from somewhere and usually the burden of the cost falls on taxpayers. Typically, this means a rise in taxes. In times of economic turmoil3, this can be difficult for a people to sustain. If a nation wishes to pay for universal health care without raising taxes, other federally funded programs have to be cut. This creates the problem of prioritizing all the other programs that exist.... American doctors and other health care workers are motivated to provide excellent care because of competition. If one company is unreasonably slow in providing care, for example, patients can seek out a company that doesn't make them wait so long. Universal health care systems eliminate much of this competition.


Passage 1The usual reason given for not attempting to provide universal healthcare in a country is poverty. Th United Statesman certainly afford to provide healthcare at quite a high level for all Americans. The, IS much evidence of the big contributions that UHC [universal health care] can make in advancing the lives of people, and also (and this is very important) in enhancing economic and social opportunities-including facilitating the possibility of sustained economic growth....A number of poor countries have shown, through their pioneering1 public policies, that basic healthcare for all can be provided at a remarkably good level at very low cost if the society, including the political and intellectual leadership. can get its act together2.
Amartya Sen, PhD. Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy. Harvard University; "Universal health care: the affordable dream." Harvard Public Health
Review, 2015


Passage 1: Universal Health Care
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Passage 1: Universal Health Care
Health is an essential aspect that every nation must take into account if it seeks to prosper. For most countries, the desire to achieve universal healthcare is something that they can only dream about. The main reason behind such a fact is that the program requires a lot of funding to realize. On the other hand, there are other nations that have all the resources at their disposal to turn such dreams into reality. Despite the popular belief regarding quality universal healthcare, evidence from different countries shows that with proper planning and goodwill from all stakeholders, all citizens in a nation, regardless of its economic prowess, can access health services.

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