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Several Health Care Issues Affect People Around The World (Essay Sample)


What health issues are people of the world, the United States, and in your community facing?  How will you, as a nurse leader, help facilitate change in the relevant healthcare policy in order to deal with these health issues?  How will you utilize research and Evidence Based Practice to make the needed changes?
My role as a leader is a Nurse Executive leader.
The resources should come from peered review journal no older than 7 years.
One source she be the textbook, " Transformational Leadership in Nursing from Expert to Influential Leader 2nd edition by Elaine Sorensen & Marshall Marion E. Broome


Health Issue
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Several health care issues affect people around the world as well as those within the United States. Some of these problems include physical activity and nutrition, overweight and obesity, substance abuse, air pollution, mental health for trauma survivors, climate changes, mental health, injury and violence, immunization, access to medical care, and HIV/AIDS. According to Panjwani & Caraher (2014), some of these health care issues take healthcare practitioners by surprise and sparking fires that the nurses never expected to fight.
The formation of strong leadership among nurses is critical in transformation for the realization of the best health care system. A nurse leader has to be a full partner with professionals and other medical practitioners that can redesign medical practices within the hospitals. The leader should realize the vision of the transformed heath system in dealing with issues of health within their places of work (Englebright & Caspers, 2016). The nurse can use their abilities together to operate as full associate with doctors and other medical practitioners in redesigning and reforming capacities across the medical organization to control occurrence of such issues (Global funding for local health issues, 2015). Nurse leader must interpret advance study outcomes to the put appropriate culture of nursing education into exercise and policy.
The nurse leader can use the research and evidenced-based practices to identify the risks and sections of waste in health sector. The leader can also utilize the research in realizing the plan, tracking development over time, along with setting the necessary changes vital for the realization of established goals in controlling occurrences of health issues and their spread across the communities (Marshall & Broome, 2016). Nurses can use the research outcome to create the a new collaboration with other health practitioners, elected officials, clinicians, business stakeholders, and the community to assist in realizing necessary steps and improvements required for the enhancement of healthcare within the community.
Englebright, J., & Caspers, B. (2016). The Role of the Chief Nurse Executive in the Big Data Revolution. Nurse Leader, 14(4), 280-284.
Global funding for local health issues. (2015). Bulletin Of T...
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