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Health Care Administration: Ethical Issues (Essay Sample)


For your second project, you will assess the ethical aspects of a healthcare industry managerial practice. This analytical paper provides you with an opportunity to think critically about the challenging ethical and moral issues routinely faced by healthcare managers and introduces you to the ethical code of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).
Second Paper Instructions
You are a member of your organization's ethics committee. The CEO has asked you to brief the new board chair on the importance of ethics in healthcare, using as an example one of the cases found at
•Write a 1,000 – 1200 word analysis of the selected scenario.
•The paper should include separate sections that summarize the relevant issues raised by the case, an explanation of why those issues raise ethical concerns, and how the ACHE Code of Ethics or a similar professional code of ethics can be used to determine the proper response by a healthcare leader.
•The suggested topics reflect the types of situations you may encounter as a leader in health care. They are complex and offer no clear options or solutions. Your research, therefore, should include at least five scholarly sources.
•A title sheet, abstract, body of the paper, and reference list are all required for this paper. The body of the paper should not exceed 1200 words in total.
•Prepare your essay in MS Word and in APA format, with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Upload your analysis to the Assignment folder.


Health Care Administration


Institution Affiliation
Mr. Chen is a client of doctor Oslo and he has been suffering from the prolapsed disc for one year. The conventional pain medication has failed and his doctor believes that the only way to solve the problem is through performing the back surgery. However, Mr. Chen thinks acupuncture is the best option because it has worked well for him in the past. The doctor is skeptical about this idea because he thinks western medical practices are more efficient. Some of the ethical issues arising from this situation include cultural sensitivity, medical need versus desire and risk evaluations. American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) code of ethics provides standards that health care leaders may use to solve some of these ethical issues. For instance, it is indicated in ACHE that patients must be allowed to make independent decisions; health care providers must respect the custom, beliefs, and practices of their clients; hospitals must provide patients with relevant information about their rights and risks associated with certain services.
Health Care Administration

Summary of the case
This case is about a patient who is suffering from lumbar pain due to a prolapsed disc as revealed by an x-ray examination (Markkula, 2000). Mr. Chen’s doctor, Mr. Olson thinks that the only feasible remedy for the patient’s problem is back surgery since the conventional painkillers are not working. However, Mr. Chen has other ideas and thinks that his problem can be solved by Acupuncture therapy. He tells the doctor that he is not fond of the surgeries and that acupuncture therapy has helped him before. In addition, the insurance cover he is using has a clause that allows him to seek alternative medication if he desires (Markkula, 2000). Mr. Olson is reluctant to approve this idea and thinks the only option for the patient is surgery because acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice that has not been proven to work scientifically. The doctor is also confident that back surgery will work because he has operated several other patients with success and believes he will succeed in this case too (Markkula, 2000). He does not feel obliged to recommend alternative medicine because he thinks these methods are not as effective as the approaches taught in western medical schools, which have undergone comprehensive clinical trials to determine their reliability.

Ethical Issues
There are several ethical issues arising from this case and they include cultural sensitivity, evaluation of risks and medical need vs. desire. Cultural sensitivity is one of the ethical issues arising from this situation. Mr. Chen has been brought up in a Chinese culture, where the Acupuncture medicine is widely practiced (Wilkinson & Faleiro, 2007). This alternative medicine is part and parcel of Chinese culture and most people from East Asia prefer this form of therapy than western medicine. In this case, just like many other medical practitioners from the West, Dr. Olson thinks that acupuncture and other traditional medicine approaches are not effective in the treatment of various diseases and some of these therapies may end up hurting the patients. Mr. Olson thinks that the back surgery is the scientifically proven approach, which has cured several patients in the past. On the other hand, Mr. Chen believes acupuncture is the best option because it has been working well for him. Although doctor believes that back surgery is the best option for the patient because it has worked for the other individuals, he must respect Mr. Chen’s culture. The patient believes acupuncture is the best option and his insurance als

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