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Head and neck anatomy reflection paper Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


You are to create a thoughtful and reflective essay in a Word document that has 1 inch margins (all around), 12-font Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and you are to indent each paragraph. This essay must include a minimum of four paragraphs (A paragraph must be a minimum of 3 sentences, even though the APA rule is 2 sentences). This essay may be written in first person tense because this is your personal reflection. This reflective essay is to be written at a level that is indicative of your status of entering your senior year in college.
I will attach a document where I have already made the patient case and alsoI have wrote the introductory paragraph. On that paper also has the 3 CLOS that you will need to talk about when it asks you to.
• Introductory paragraph that describes the signature assignment of creating a patient case. Thoroughly dissect your original case study by connecting your case to at least 2 of the 3 CLOs. (I already have done please look at the paper I will attach)
• A paragraph
How does what you learned through completing these competencies connect to the learning outcomes in this course (you must write about how they connect to at least 2 of the 3 CLOs from above)?
• A paragraph (or more) that includes your reflection on:
o What challenges did you face in completing this signature assignment? How did you address/troubleshoot them?
o What were your successes in completing this assignment?
• A paragraph (or more) that discusses your learning throughout the term in this course.
o Describe your learning process throughout this course and what it felt like at different stages until you mastered certain skills associated with this signature assignment.
o What learning and skills have you obtained from this signature assignment and how will you apply this to your practice as a dental hygienist?
o Discuss the skills you are still developing related to this signature assignment and your plan to continue your learning to ensure you remain knowledgeable and competent.
• A final paragraph that discusses a connection between what you studied in this course with what you have learned in other courses.
o Make specific references to your work in this class and in the other courses. How did what you learn in the other courses enhance what you learned here and vice versa?
o Reflect on how you thought about the CLOs before you took this course (the beginning of the term) and how you think about them now that the course is over.
o Have any of your assumptions or understandings changed?


Patient case-That I made just copy and past on to the paper you are writing.

My patient is a 40 year old male who is at high risk for pathology due his habit of smoking hookah daily for at least 3 hours. He has been smoking for 20 years. I began by conducting an extra oral exam. At first, everything seemed normal until I performed the intra oral exam wherein I noticed a round oval mass on the hard palate. Therefore, I began to palpate the mass and observed that it was soft. The mass was oval with irregular margins and it measured at 5cm x 3.5 cm. This is something unusual since in anatomy of the mouth we learned such findings are irregular and should not be present. The patient himself explained that about 3 months ago the mass was pea size and now it has become enlarged. This irregular finding could be osteolipoma of the hard palate, however I would have to refer him to his physician to be further evaluated.


INTRO-Please re edidit my intro.

                This signature assignment of creating a patient case became much easier to do due to the fact that I have learned a lot of the anatomical structures of the head and neck. I am able to differentiate between various anatomy and physiology of the head and neck regions, which that was something I was not able to do about 8 weeks ago. When conducting the intra oral exam and seeing that there was a mass on the hard palate I knew that this irregular finding should have not been present in the first place. I learned In this class that the hard palate forms the floor of the nasal cavity as well as the roof of the mouth. That being said this mass could indicate that there might be something wrong with the nasal cavity as well.




You are to create a reflective essay on how this signature assignment meets at least two of the three course learning outcomes (CLOs) for DHYG 355. If you feel this signature assignment meets all three of the CLOs, this will be acceptable as well.  To follow are the three CLOs for this course:

• Differentiate between various anatomy and physiology of the head and neck regions.

•   Apply knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the head and neck regions to clinical scenarios

•   Explain the value of safe and optimal patient care through a commitment to learning the anatomy of

       the head and neck




Reflection Paper
Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
August 4, 2020
Applying theoretical knowledge in practice is important for any healthcare provider. It is one of the core foundations that ensures the quality of healthcare provision, making it an essential element in the study of the body. In this paper, I would talk about my own experience in helping a patient that was assigned to me during our practicum studies. Specifically, my patient is a 40-year-old male who is at high risk for pathology due to his habit of smoking hookah daily for at least 3 hours for the past 20 years. In line with the learning outcomes of this course, I realized that the patient’s condition is significantly in line with the topics on (1) differentiating between and (2) applying knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the head and neck regions. 

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