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Grandparent Paper Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Grandparent Paper Objectives:Upon completion of this paper, the student will be able to:
1. Describe the role for the grandparent or aged person within the family.
2. Describe the role and function of the grandparent within the family of various cultures.
3. Identify nursing interventions with grandparents regarding possible hospitalization of children.
4. Identify contributions by the grandparent or other aged person, to the care of children in hospitals, schools, and the community.
5. Use APA format and utilize at least two references.
6. 19/25 points required to pass.
7. Submit the paper to the instructor by the 2nd week.
Instructions:Answer each question (in order) in paragraph form using APA format.
1. Describe the role of the grandparent or aged person within the family, regarding discipline, reward/nurturing, folklore of the culture, traditions, and other child-rearing issues. (in-text citation) (5 points)
2. Describe the roles and functions of the grandparent within a selected culture, or your own culture(Armenian culture). (in-text citation) (5 points)
3. Review your own grandparents’ relationship with you and your family. Briefly state one positive and one negative example of their interactions with you. What changes will you make with your grandchildren? (5 points)
4. Identify nursing interventions with grandparents regarding preparation for procedures and caring for the hospitalized child. (5 points)
5. Describe contributions of the aged person toward enrichment of children’s well-being in the hospital, at school, and in the community. (5 points)


The Role of Grandparents in a Family
Most people in various communities and cultures do not appreciate the contribution of grandparents in a family setting. This bias is also revealed by the fact that most researchers do not concentrate on identifying their roles in various aspects like the growth of their grandchildren. The precision originates from the idea that elderly people are always in need of support from the other family members (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2012). However, aged people play essential roles in the growth and welfare of their families. First, grandparents offer significant support to expectant couples (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2012). The latter faces various challenges in the transition to parenthood like stress and anxiety. In this case, the elderly populations help them with tactics to cope with the situation since they have gone through similar cycles and they know its importance to the family’s continuity. Although conflict may exist between their advice and the information given by health care professionals, the participation of aged people is vital in the transition. Also, grandparents intervene in social issues like separation and divorce and the underlying impact on children (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2012). Elderly people provide information about the culture, beliefs and the origin of the community. Although the family members can access the information in history books, the aged people give simpler narrations for easier understanding and capturing of knowledge. In addition, grandparents nurture their grandchildren through aspects like folk tales in correcting them when on the wrong and also showing them the right paths

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