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Goals and Objectives (Essay Sample)

1- Must be Australian English, APA Style. 2- There are three Goals, I need 3 References for Each goals must be cited within the rational part. 3- Please follow the example strictly, Including the same structure and headings. 4- My Goals are; 1- communications (you can mention that I'm international student). 2- Tim management. 3- Care planning. 5- The references should be Journal Articles. source..

Goals and Objectives
Professor Name:
(April 16, 2012)
Goals and Objectives
Goal 1: To establish an effective communication skill
Objective: To become proficient in verbal and non-verbal communication. Endeavour to understand and relate to Patient in a proper and understandable manner.
In relation to engagement and eclecticism, nurses often make intimate physical and psychological contact with patients. (Stephen & Hamilton, 2007). By engaging with the patients, whether in the hospital or community settings, I will be installing a sense of safety and a sense of being protected in the patient minds. Nurses shoud at all times demonstrate not only interpersonal proficiency with the patients, colleagues and peers but also the ability to deal with therapeutic relationships (Leebov, 2009). When the patients are provided with adequate communication, there is increase in recovery rates, there is potential pain-reducing implications amomg the patient thus it is an important tool in nursing (Casey , 2011)
Strategy: I will
Use a range of communication techniques.
Use language appropriate to the context.
Use written and spoken communication skills which are appropriate to the needs of the patients, also with the registered nurses and other groups.
Use an interpreter since I am an international student if a foreign language is used.
I will provide adequate time of discussion with my patients, my colleagues and the registered nurses that I will be working with
Use open and closed questions appropriately.
A good relationship between my colleagues and the registered nurses is one of the evidence I will use in evaluating the success of my goal. This will involve the collaboration level that I will be getting on decisions made on the different patients that I will be dealing with (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2007). Also, when I get the required collaboration with the patients as regards to the private information nurses are privy to I shall know that I have established a good communication skill with the patients (Roussel, 2011).
Goal 2: To have an effective time management program
Objective: To increase efficiency when caring out my duties.
Nursing is a demanding and a stressful occupation. It requires one to be more flexible and organised. To manage your time, you need to delegate, and think critically (Marzette, 2009). A nurse needs to prioritize all their activities in order to provide more room for his or her other important daily activities, this is done by effective time management ski...
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