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Teaching Assignment: Explain G-tube to a Kindergartner (Essay Sample)


Tom is a kindergarten student. He has a diagnosis of Castello Syndrome. He is non-verbal. He cannot eat by mouth. He receives his nutritional through Mickey button. He attends mainstream kindergarten class. His kindergarten classmates are very surprised to the g-tube. They have many questions, like why he cannot eat like them why he has a tube in his stomach, and why he cannot talk. How school nurse can approach and educate them at their development level, who see their classmate with Mickey button (G-tube).


Explain G-tube to a Kindergartner
Explain G-tube to a Kindergartner
A school nurse should simplify the approach to the subject to enable the children to understand the subject clearly without compromising the situation. Kindergarten kids are not very experienced with medical terms or experiences and therefore, he/she has to explain the subject in detail. Some details can scare the children and hence the nurse should be weary of them. The nurse should also be honest with the details he/she is giving the children about Tom's condition to avoid giving misleading information to the young minds. The nurse should strike a balance in the way she is going to deliver the news to ensure the children are not scared of Tom's condition, and they understand the unique status of their colleague. If the subject is handled unprofessionally; the children might even end up bullying Tom for a condition he has no control over. Therefore, the nurse's methodology should inform the children only the necessary information to satisfy their curiosity while ensuring that the children are not skewed psychologically CITATION Nan10 \l 1033 (Webb, 2010). The nurse should also ensure that the details discussed on Tom's condition do not affect him psychologically. Here below is and approach the nurse can take to deliver the message and achieve his/her message without compromising the situation.
The nurse should explain to the chil...
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