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Four Components of Healthcare (Essay Sample)


There are many reasons why a bill is introduced into legislation, helping a select group of people to make sure that everyone in the country is being protected. It is important as a healthcare provider to understand, how different bills effect the healthcare profession.
Select a current health care bill that addresses one or more of the components of healthcare. You will use three to five academic sources to write this paper.
Write a 1,250-1,500-word paper about how the bill affects health care services in the community in which you live. Include the following:
Summarize the components of the health care bill.
Describe the health care components that are addressed in this bill.
Who sponsored this bill? Who are the proponents of the bill and who opposes this legislation? What is their position (i.e., why do they disagree?).
Does this bill helps or hinders health care services in the community. Describe how it may affect allied health professionals.
Does this bill affect the health care and allied health care professionals?
Review the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style guidelines and resources located in the Student Success Center. APA format is required for most assignments, so students should become familiar with these resources to facilitate the successful completion of course assignments.


Four Components of Healthcare
Institutional Affiliation
Four Components of Healthcare
The Protecting Preexisting Conditions and Making Health Care More Affordable Care Act of 2019 was introduced by Democrat leaders on March 26, 2019. The design of this bill is to expand and strengthen the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is expected that over 13 million people will benefit through reduced health insurance premiums, while millions of other Americans will be able to access health insurance coverage (Aron-Dine, 2019). The bill was introduced by Representatives Frank Pallone (Energy and Commerce Chairman), Bobby Scott (Education and Labor Chairman), and Richard Neal (Ways and Means Chairman). The new bill is also composed of new provisions that will expand ACA subsidies, enhance the generosity of ACA premium tax credits (PTCs), finance navigators and outreach, repeal rules made recently on non-ACA coverage, and rescind recent rules made under section 1332 (Keith, 2019). This paper examines various components of the new bill and how it will affect health care services in the community.
Components of the Healthcare Bill
There are three main components of the bill, and their main focus include expanding the affordability of healthcare, undoing decisions made by the Trump administration to repeal ACA, and promoting state transparency and innovation. Evidence indicates that the new legislation closely resembles a bill that was introduced recently by house democratic leadership in March 2018 (Glied & Jackson, 2017). The main difference between the present and past legislations is that the present bill does not appropriate payments for cost-sharing reductions. Nevertheless, the bill ensures that individuals with pre-existing conditions are protected. It also reverses the harmful actions of the Trump administration that aimed at sabotaging the ACA (Thompson, Gusmano, & Shinohara, 2018). The bill aims at restoring the crucial enrollment and outreach healthcare funding, which is being repealed by the Trump administration, and offer funds to navigators so that consumers can be able to access health care. In essence, the new legislation would enhance the affordability of health care by reducing health insurance premiums with an expanded and strengthened affordability assistance.
Description of the Healthcare Components
The first component that has been addressed in this bill is affordability. To start with, the ACA premium tax credits (PTCs) will be expanded to people who are eligible to buy coverage in the individual market. The income of these individuals could be more than 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL) (Keith, 2019). The second aspect of the component is that PTCs will become more generous since it would lower the contributions which people must make towards insurance coverage. Third, access to PTCs would be extended to people who do not qualify for subsidies as a result of the “family glitch.” It is expected that the new changes will be effected starting from the 2021 financial plan.
Currently, the only individuals who can access PTCs are those who earn between 100 and 400% FPL, which is approximately $12,100 and $48,500 (Keith, 2019). Since eligibility is limited at 400% FPL, it implies that a ‘subsidy cliff’ was created by ACA for people who earn above this income. Therefore, since these people cannot earn these subsidies, most middle-income consumers have experienced affordability challenges resulting in coverage losses. This has made middle-class aged population living in rural areas to be subjected to the highest premiums since they are unsubsidized. Therefore, the ACA’s subsidy cliff will be eliminated by the new bill implying that both middle and upper income families will be able to ...

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